We are forced to choose between dubious pledges by low-calibre leaders nobody wants

We are forced to choose between dubious pledges by low-calibre leaders nobody wants


Crime And Punishment – Holocaust vs. Paedophilia


22 thoughts on “We are forced to choose between dubious pledges by low-calibre leaders nobody wants

  1. Rik, This is a bit too political for most of this site’s readers. There will be a few scratching their head after reading this post. However, it’s not bad. The only assertion that I could disagree with is the one he makes about re-industrializing Britain; the point being, is that we already have 40% of our manufacturing capacity lying idle. So too does the rest of the developed world. So no capitalist in his or her right mind is going to invest in industry.
    What ever the result on Thursday, nothing will change. We will see the majority of people getting poorer and the 1% getting richer; plus the destruction of the welfare state. We can’t afford it under the yoke of capitalism.


  2. I did not find these articles ‘too political’.
    What I am not happy with is an American based site publishing anti Jewish propaganda and pontificating on Britain’s general election. We’ve managed perfectly well to elect governments before without the ‘help’ of US. blogs. I know the strengths and weaknesses of our political leaders and whether we, or the Americans, like it or not the British people will decide which party they prefer to elect to form the next government.
    As for the rant about Lord Janner I have a lot of sympathy for his victims but until and unless a better qualified person than Alison Saunders has the power to alter the decision she made we’re stuck with it. I don’t have to like it but I have to accept it.


    • Colin – the author of the first piece is English and based here.
      But I agree you that his, and the site’s anti-semitic stance is just nasty, and pollutes any political content.
      Notwithstanding the above, I am a strong and committed supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people and have no time whatsoever for the Israeli government – as I expect its coalition will be constituted by tomorrow.


  3. “This is a bit too political for most of this site’s readers.” What patronising drivel. There are many people who read this blog and never post. So just how do you know what they can or cannot comprehend. There are many scratching their heads and wondering what planet you inhabit, after reading some of your posts. Just one example of foreign investment in industry is the Siemen’s wind turbine manufacturing plant at Hull. As for the yoke of capitalism would the North Korean or the Cuban and Venezuela economic systems perhaps be more to your liking?


    • Rev. Copley, did you read the article?
      I found it overtly anti-semitic and adding nothing to my understanding of the issues in the election.


  4. You see, nobody can deal with the political and economic problems of Britain and the rest of the world. The problems are, the world’s economic system is in chaos; you can’t isolate any single country from the rest. The readers who resort to throwing custard pies at all and sundry, skirt around the ultimate problems of capitalism and our current crisis.
    Just look at Greece. Their economy represents only 2% of the European economy, yet the whole world is trembling at their possible default.


    • “Their economy represents only 2% of the European economy, yet the whole world is trembling at their possible default.”
      More like 1.3% – in GDP terms*. The world’s economic system is stable – by definition – but like all real world systems it is subject to chaos theory. Stuff happens.
      No-one is “trembling at their default”, no matter what the Daily Telegraph and the Times say.
      It has implications, but the potential for it has been recognised for a long time, and contingency plans are likely to be in place.
      (It has nothing in common with what happened when Italy** and UK left the ERM).
      * GDP 2014, in euro
      EU overall: 13,920,541
      Greece: 179,081
      ** technically, Italy only “suspended its obligations under the ERM”, but….)


      • poetmorgan
        As I said “stuff happens” . Luckily Black Swan discoveries are increasingly rare.
        I’m long retired now, but I still remember the day I first came across someone called Nick Leeson and spent the rest of the day mitigating the damage he had caused to a bit of the the financial system I had some responsibility for.


  5. Don’t know where you’re getting your info you two but the figures quoted by RR has got more to do with kids pocket money than Greek debt.
    Greek debt, if there is anyone out there with enough nous to understand, is in the region of 380 billion Euros. that is total. That represents 175% of their total GDP and it is impossible to pay; in fact it is increasing despite the austerity measures. The main holders of Greek debt are foreign owned Greek banks, German, French, IMF, ECB and many other world banks and financial institutions.
    If anyone wants to reference the reality of the Greek situation, check the Bloomberg site and go to Greek debt.
    If there are any politicos out there, not Kippers, understand this, the bankers and financiers are making billions whilst the majority of the Greeks are living in conditions we can only guess at. But their today is our tomorrow.


  6. Davidaplatts check the bilderberger group this is where decisions regarding world trading and financial matters are discussed by politicians bankers and business men from 125 countries around the world by invitation only cross party as well strange Ed Balls has been to one but not Ed Milliband maybe Ed Balls new labour party leader?


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