22 thoughts on “Why the north is in revolt against Labour

  1. Janice
    I think the non dom argument is totally valid along with the zero hours mantra and the utility freeze
    on energy bills, I am ashamed to live amongst people who just do not give a damn about the bedroom tax, and the plight of people less fortunate ,we are surrounded with sociopaths,I predict civil disorder when the 12 billion of cuts are realised , the privileged may choose to ignore the injustice and inequality but we will see anger and unrest on the streets , at least the Scots care.
    Finally Janice I must ask why are you working for Rupert Murdoch a man who demonised the SNP in England yet applauded them in Scotland in his Sun publication.
    Labour with all it’s faults is the only hope we have against the lies and vested interests of your employer , the behaviour of your sister paper the Sun has been disgraceful in its personal insults against Milliband , how do you feel about that ?


  2. This election was truly a watershed for Labour. For decades they have taken their support for granted through there arrorgance that they know what’s best for people. They never mention anything about letting people keep more of their own money. It was we will spend more in this, more on that, we have costed it, but can’t at this moment tell you exactly how much it will Cost

    They need to realise that if you want better public services, then it business that’s going to pay for it. Why the hell haven’t they made proposals about the reform of the welfare state? Why should the state pay for a family to have more than 2 children. The only group breeding like wild fire is the same group which they have protected over the CSE scandal.

    Someone needs to tell them, who the hell gave them the right to deny the people the right to vote, whether we should stay in Europe or not. Their conversion to immigration controls was a last minute electrol ploy. Why didn’t they realise that this was a big problem, especially in their heartlands.

    Even after being throughly destroyed in Scotland, humiliated in their own heartlands and totally rejected by the majority of the voters, they already stabbing each other in the back to become leader. If the Tories get this right and the economy holds up, then Labour won’t be back into power for a lifetime. That’s how deep the rot is.


  3. There has to be a fairer way that the current system. The Tories only seem bothered about their rich friends who exploit cheap Labour through mass immigration. While the Labour party over regulate and create a welfare dependency.


    • It was New Labour that opened the borders for migration from eastern Europe. Oh and they were privatising the NHS through their massive use of PFI contracts. Also they propped up bankers rather than the people and had ten times more inspectors chasing benefits claimants compared to inspectors chasing tax avoidance. The list goes on. Please do not make saints out of sinners.


      • The Tories promised to reduce immigration to less than 100K, it is now higher than when Labour was in. As for the deficit, it is now double the level, that Labour created. As for making saints out of sinners, I despise both the Tory and Labour governments. That people vote either Tory or Labour with the above facts being true, it really concerns me about the intelligence of the electorate.


        • Rule one in the Politician’s Handbook is don’t insult the voters. Rule two, the voter is always right! You might do well to remember that.
          You also appear to be confused between deficit and debt?


  4. What I would like to see is people not voting historically because their parents and grandparents voted a certain way the abuse of children in Rotherham was atrocious I would ask people to think carefully before voting next time and to make up their own minds


  5. Well done the voting public of Rotherham. Do you not visit the town centre and see the number of ethnics roaming around, Wellgate is a prime example, in packs shouting at each other and dragging their children around? You have just sanctioned another set of dole scrounging foreigners to infiltrate my town and make life more intolerable. Once again well done, as they say you get what you deserve.


  6. Then again the Tories play a blinder, has they can only. Haven’t got a majority, select some power hungry numbties, who will do anything and I mean anything, to make themselves look important. After enjoying watching them grovel, give them the illusion that their making important decisions about the economy, but you know certain decisions will be unpopular, there’s your stool pigeon. Even make them lie to the voters over truition fees. losers.

    Right got Red Ed and you know he’s useless and if Labour got rid of him, your’ll have more trouble, so string him along. Gets even better, you’ve got those Scots wanting to break away. Nobody listens to a Tory in haggis land, so use Labour. Get a bunch of English Idoits to travel up, claiming there saving the Union. You win, but more importantly, Labour is finished. The Scots are never going to forgive Labour for their betrayal.

    UKIP is paid off by saying your’ll have a vote in 2017. Now the election, slang off Red Ed manliness, scare the voters that he and Nicola will ruin the economy and Nick is a waste of space. 330 what a victory hey!!


      • poetmorgan – you truly do have a quote for every event, nice!
        But there are a lot of people on this blog who do need to let of steam when they find that the majority of other people do not agree with their own world-view.


      • There are ways that seem right to a man but the end is the way of destruction thereof….. Ancient wisdom.
        Interesting reads poetmorgan from another poet.


      • Here’s another one Reg, A great thought provoking poem by John Oxenham

        To every man there openeth a way and ways and a way
        And the high soul climbs the high way
        And the low soul gropes the low
        And in between are the misty flats
        Where the rest drift too and fro
        But to every man there openeth
        A high way and a low
        And every man decideth
        The way his soul shall go…..

        If we are honest we can all find ourselves somewhere in this poem whatever our political persuasion . The health of a country depends on how the scales fall.


  7. Now watch Mandy get back in on the act for Labour, they will once again recreate new Labour in desperation for power. I wonder what miracles Tim thinks UKIP were going to work for the people of this country? Politics in this country are now about selling nightmares not dreams, we have terrorists on every corner immigrants are flooding our country; Russia are preparing for the third world war.

    Labour sat by in the House of Commons, putting up little opposition, whilst Thatcher raped and pillaged our industries and services; selling off gas, electricity, water, steel, railways, council houses and then closing the coal mines. Labour eventually get back into power with a massive majority, how many of Thatchers policies did they reverse? Not one. Blairs New Labour was the party of big business that is why he won three elections, they abandoned the working class for big business, the minimum wage was a way of keeping wages down, not as New Labour sold it to help the down trodden workers. Labour will now do anything to gain power again, as they have done in Rotherham.

    What I also find interesting is that when some of us who are old enough to remember had the chance to vote whether we joined the Common Market, Labour were against it; I voted against it simply because of it being a trading club for capitalist big business. But UKIP are dreaming if they think they can just pull us out and that we can just keep our single market status with them. You only have to look at Norway to see this is not possible, they have to pay massive sums of money to Europe; have laws foisted on them and have to accept open borders; without having one MEP or Commissioner; all to stay in the single market.

    The dialogue that needs to be started in this country is about an alternative way forward for the working class instead of the lurch to the right that is on offer from Labour, UKIP and other extreme parties. There is no use us looking to the Labour party unless we are prepared to take it back; but then again do we want it back. The only independence party we should be looking at is the independence party for the working class of the United Kingdom.
    Dave Smith


  8. We did not get a vote to join the Common Market. Heath took us in without a vote. The referendum was whether to come out or not. At that time most people simply thought it was a trading organization an voted to stay in.


  9. I avoid attempts at prophecy. The future is a closed book. However looking back there seem to be patterns to history. The obvious ones are economic cycles. However there have been political cycles that are less obvious.
    Labour grew out of industrialisation with its mass working class and now we are no longer industrialised as once we were. They have evolved into and uneasy broad church. They have the Hampstead chattering classes and the Guardianista and then there is their old north industrial base. These have little in common. It is difficult to be optimistic as a Labour supporter about the future as they seem to have lost out in Scotland in much the same way as the Tories did 30 years ago.
    The Tories are not a homogeneous whole either. They have always had their base in rural England with the squires and their forelock pulling minions totally and unthinkingly loyal. With the collapse of classical liberalism 90 years ago they have the big business executive vote. Traditionally owners of small business have also been supporters. This support is waning. It may seem strange in the North but they have had a loyal support of working class Tories across the country. Just count the Tory vote in Rotherham – they are a significant but silent minority!
    Few political parties established outside of Parliament have managed to gain a foothold in Parliament by winning a seat at a general election. Labour broke through 100 years ago and changed things back then.
    We have now two new footholds in Parliament with both the Greens and UKIP gaining and holding their seats. This is indicative of undercurrents of possibly irreversible change.
    The political map is altering. Sloganising may be a vent for the angry. Screaming “Corrupt” or “Nasty” may even be accurately descriptive but not of much use.
    I do not doubt that the new intake of Councillors of the main old political parties will contain an increased percentage of dullards incapable of doing the job.
    It seems to me there is a need to be calling councillors to account at every point and that consumes time.
    The horrors of Rotherham, Oxfordshire and Rochdale and many, many other places yet to be discovered need to be addressed. That will take effort.
    A quote from a conservative philosopher I think fits here: “For evil to succeed all that is needed is that good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke)


    • Poetmorgan, whilst I realise that this is peripheral to what you have written:
      “They have the Hampstead chattering classes and the Guardianista and then there is their old north industrial base. ”
      Labour’s London base is in no way related to the Hampstead labour-lovies. I lived in working class South London from my mid-teens to my late 50’s, (and still spend much time there) – and most of it was solidly Labour – and much more of London is today.


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