What can one person do?

I am sure all independents will have been asked the same question I get asked every time we put our selves forward for election. What can one person do?

I found this article in the Rotherham Advertiser 13th December 2013, which I think indicates very well what one person can achieve.

I had always felt that the public were being ejected wrongly from the Dinnington Town council meetings, but I fell for the usual mind set that it had always been like this so it must be right; which is not like me usually. Till it finally got the better of me so I researched and learned the 1972 admission to meetings act, as you can see from the article I brought it up at the meeting.

Myself and Mr Lewis held a sit in. hence the early closure of the meeting.

From January 2014 the Dinnington Town council meetings have been run correctly, by research and some effort I completely changed the way our Town council is run, that is what one person can achieve.

Dave Smith

Dinno Revolt

4 thoughts on “What can one person do?

  1. Dinnington was not the only Council doing this. Anston were also very good at going into “secret session” without using the correct procedure. One notable “secret item” involved the planting/location of an already planted Oak tree on the Green. This was put into “secret Session” in order that myself and the person sitting next to me could not know what was going on. In no way was this item “confidential” . It was common practice that once certain members of the Public had left the meeting, the Labour Cllrs would then engage in a “slagging off” of those who had just left. How do we know ?, one decent and honest Labour Cllr was so disgusted at the practice he informed those who were being attacked. When I was elected to the Council in 2009, I had a uphill struggle to get the Labour Members to comply with the Law, they thought it did not apply to them. Eventually I won, so an Individual can make a difference. Anston now complies with the Law when it comes to putting items into confidential session.


  2. Well done Dave and Stuart, I just wish that someone would stand up to the Labour bullies at Aston Parish Council and make them comply with democratic laws. I would try myself but I don’t live there any more. Is Smith still polluting the APC?


  3. well done Dave! Fantastic work. It must have really paid off, with your 500 votes and all that. There were Monster Raving Looney Candidates with more support. LOL!


  4. Poor anonymous the only thing you can throw is the tired old 500 votes, it may have only been 500 but then I was out there doing what I believe in. Where were you? Sitting at your keyboard spending days thinking of this wonderful new repost. Whether i got 500 votes or not does not change the fact that by my efforts I changed for ever how Dinnington Town council, of which I am now a member, conducts it’s business. You keep on thinking about your petty little insults while I and the rest of us get out and work for the people of Dinnington.
    Dave Smith


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