Diary Date – Rotherham Marxist Discussion Group

Rotherham Marxist Discussion Group

Next meeting Tuesday 2nd June, Bridge Inn, 7:30 pm

The topic – The General Election Result and what it will mean to working people and the Labour and Trades Union movement.

The result of the election will spell disaster for working families and the vulnerable people of our society. The Labour leadership is once again going to be chosen by the Tory press, media, and the Blairite, New Labour carpetbaggers that have infested the Labour party.

Does this spell the end of the struggle, or is it a Pyrrhic victory for the establishment and their lackeys?

Dave Platts

3 thoughts on “Diary Date – Rotherham Marxist Discussion Group

  1. The unions picked Milliband not the press and Britain does not want a Marxist government, every time Labour put forward a socialist left wing agenda the result is always the same


  2. If the electors had wanted socialist and/or marxist MPs they could have elected candidates from the TUSC or the Green Party. This did not happen and their overall vote share was very low. Labour won elections under Tony Blair when it pursued re-packaged tory policies.


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