Bostan Castle Revisited

The Bostan ‘Bad brothers’ have been further implicated in involvement in Rotherham’s CSE scandal.

Sajid and Majid were the first of the ‘Bostan bad brothers’ to be arrested, and had their Taxi Licences suspended in short order, along with that of Jahangir Akhtar after he himself was arrested.

News of the third Bostan Brother to be arrested is filtering out! Sources locally name him as Shanawaz Bostan who, like his brothers Sajid and Magid before him, has both been arrested and had his taxi licence revoked.

All three of the Bostan brothers, were driving for Goldstar Taxis until they were stopped, that is.

A final point, Sajid, Majid and Shanawaz are members of the Labour Party, isn’t it time for more suspensions? Continued inaction, just makes the Labour Party look irrelevant!


Update: I have been reminded of Majid and Haq Bostan’s brush with the law. They went to prison, after being involved in a stabbing. How did Majid get a taxi licence when released? We should be told.

Mohammed Arfan or Arfan Bostan, the last of the ‘Boston bad brothers’, seems to be spending too much time with Muhbeen Hussain and the fantasy project British Muslim Youth?

See also:

also the ongoing Taxi Licensing Consultation:

32 thoughts on “Bostan Castle Revisited

  1. Sweet. Let’s all be careful at this point not to give the slightest excuse to derail prosecutions through pre trial comment. There was a vicious child rapist some time back who after serving a series of short sentences for horrific rapes and being plausibly linked to several child murders was declared too notorious to try when he raped another child. A gilt edged certificate to rape or kill any child without facing justice. A vigilante shot him. Such decisions are rare but we should zip our lips for a while. Plenty of time for rejoicing when we have guilty verdicts.


      • Tariq Hairdresser Chairman.
        Sajid Bostan Vice Chairman.
        Jeff Azar Afsar William General Secretary.
        Shahid Gandu Rafiq spokesperson taxi driver from Barnsley because no taxi driver from Rotherham can speak English.


      • Will someone tell me where the Rotherham White Taxi Drivers Association is and who runs it??
        It doesn’t exist does it, why, because it would be an illegal organisation so why are the Pakistani Drivers allowed to have their own organisation? By it’s very name it excludes any other drivers other than Pakistanis, so it has to be illegal under our Race Relations Laws.
        These separatist organisations have to be removed from our society, they do nothing but divide and cause resentment. Hey Ho, they’re Pakistanis so they can do anything they want in Rotherham, this is the Law according to R Stone. We mustn’t upset them, just let them get on with raping and abusing our children.


  2. ‘I think commissioners should look in to this too’
    The commissioners are delegated to oversee the administrative and licensing functions of RMBC.
    The issue of which political party RPHDA support is nothing to do with the commissioners.
    It is the duty of the dysfunctional Labour party to set up its own inquiry into the activities of its members but recent history tells us that PC takes precedence in the Labour party and ‘minorities’ are protected whatever the costs.
    Meanwhile Champion remains silent……..


    • Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association had members from all ethnic groups even the British White community who were on the steering committee.
      Since 2012 this association was over taken by the above and was renamed as Rotherham Pakistani Hire Drivers Association which is purely for Pakistani Drivers this goes same for Hackney Association which is run by the Pakistanis.


  3. This nonsense site seems to be depicting Asians as the bad ones. everybody really needs a reality check. if Asians are involved so are the white population. only the white population seem to target complete minors. im talking about 3- 10 year old. how many white men have been arrested for the sickening act? but its easy to target an Asian, all of u should get your heads out of this fascist Nazi cloud and look at everything going on around u it is not just Asians there are sicker individuals out there.


    • You have just condemned yourself as a racist with the the statement “the white population targets complete minors”. That’s exactly equivalent to the statement “the Asian population rapes little girls.” There are White paedophile rings that target complete minors as you say. There are Asian rape gangs targeting schoolgirls. But neither the White or Asian populations can be held to account for crimes committed by others who happen to share a skin shade. Your evident racial animus deprives your argument of any validity.
      As for the focus of this site, the clue is in the name, Rotherham Politics. In this town as two official reports have established, the rape industry here has been predominantly Asian run, due to the protection those gangs have received from the authorities. But I know Rothpol would not hesitate to expose and fight white paedophiles in the town, of whom there are a fair few.
      I can’t help suspecting that you may be a member of the rape gangs seeking to divert attention from your activities. Your racial hatred certainly fits the profile.


    • Only racist comments on here is from you. The reports identified predominantly mainly Muslim men committing the crimes.


    • With respect to the question “how many white men have been arrested for this sickening act?”, by googling “paedophile, rings, court and cases” anon could have satisfied himself that, last month alone, three paedophile rings went on trial, one in Bristol, another in Wrexham and another in Norwich. However even if not one paedophile of ethnic group x had ever been tried it wouldn’t be a reason not to try paedophiles ethnic group y.
      In any case the evidence regarding the turning of a selective blind eye by the authorities seems to point in a different direction to that imagined by anon, VIP cases notwithstanding. Though to be fair, SYPs treatment of rape victims has always been appalling even when the rapists have been white. There was a book by feminists on the subject many years ago, though I am afraid I don’t remember the title or authors.


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