8 thoughts on “Child Protection Chief in payout scandal

  1. If anyone is the blame it is the Government for allowing these institutions to regulate themselves. This practice has been going on for ages. Just look at how many of the Rotherham lot have set themselves up in other lucrative posts, in other councils and quangos. As for this particular woman, any council or child protection agency, who sort her advice in this matter, would be wasting good money, as she clearly knows nothing about child protection, in its many forms.


  2. Berelowitz puts down Rotherham et al exposure to plod “racial profiling”; a demented wail from her politically correct parallel loony-verse; how does one even begin to engage with such warped insanity? The cashing in magnifies the gross insult to the intelligence of the public

    A fine editorial from the Times

    However if the gov’t really does hold her weasel equivocations in such contempt then why did they leave it to an anonymous Whitehall source to brief the Times?

    Why couldn’t a government minister or three come out and condemn her unequivocally ?

    A sorry tale of betrayal all round


  3. The betrayal is still going on in Rotherham and will not alter till Labour stop denying it, we even have a vice chair who denied what had been happening to channel 4


  4. In councils officers write reports with recommendations and councillors accept, amend or reject these reports.
    Over the years officers have recommended larger and larger payout for members of the officer cadre. That is the leading officers have set their own payouts. Now surprise, surprise they have been greedy.
    These payouts could have been kept in check if councillors across the country had not been so sheep-like in accepting officers recommendations.
    It is easy to pass the buck to “government” but the responsibility goes wide. Yes, Governments must share some blame but not all of it. There has been too much moral cowardice for too long and too much blind following of fashion and political correctness (or do I mean political mischief).
    One of the mantras any new councillor will face is “You cannot criticise the officers”. We all ought know better than that.
    It was this moral cowardice, political mischief and stupidity that led to the mass rape of our country’s children. I doubt if there is a borough in the land where blind eyes have been turned and the cries of a raped child ignored and suppressed and the victims vilified.


  5. What most of these head in the sands Labour know it all don’t understand is their core voters no longer see this party as representing their views any more. They blame Labour for mass immigration from the EU, financial crisis of 2008 , and a patronising narrative of we know what good for you and how to spend your money.

    In essence they no longer see this party as one for the working man. UKIP didn’t get all these working class votes because the working man is stupid and doesn’t know what’s good for him, they earned them because UKIP was a party that was offering them something the others aren’t. They need to get away from the London, Lefty, Multi-Cultraual , political correct Bubble they all congregate in and listen to their potential voters.

    Personally , I can’t see them ever getting in again, unless the Tories really, really screw up.


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