Rotherham being ‘blighted’ by repeated demonstrations, says commissioner

Spotted in the Star:

Rotherham being ‘blighted’ by repeated demonstrations, says commissioner

Frequent marches, demonstrations and protests about the Rotherham grooming scandal are having an ‘unacceptable impact’ on people in the town, a council commissioner has warned.

Commissioner Mary Ney said the town is being ‘blighted’ by the repeated protests which are intimidating local residents.

Exclusive: Police and council move to ban Rotherham abuse protests

Police and council bosses are to apply to the Government to have protest marches by extremist groups in Rotherham outlawed.

Rotherham Council’s commissioners have written to Home Secretary Theresa May advising her they are planning to make a joint submission with South Yorkshire Police asking to be allowed the special powers.


25 thoughts on “Rotherham being ‘blighted’ by repeated demonstrations, says commissioner

  1. Someone should look at the cost of policing football matches throughout the season, which overall probably costs more than policing these demonstrations.
    Banning such demonstrations is playing right into the hands of the criminal perpetrators of these crimes, and if anyone should be banned it is the counter demonstrators, who, from my experience, cause far more trouble. Oops, I forgot, the counter demonstrators are probably some of those who committed the crimes in the first place, their families and cultural friends.
    Commissioner Ney should think hard and long before she makes any further comments on this matter, she cannot ban people from demonstrating against the wrongdoings of this corrupt, useless, incompetent council, which is why many of the people have been marching in the first place.


    • Which individuals who have been on the counter demos who have been guilty of sex abuse? I say who I am, when I post on here, stop hiding behind anonymity and name names.

      I share Dave Smith’s concerns about all out bans being used as an excuse to ban anti-cuts marches and protests as well, but the authorities and police could restrict where and when though.
      The EDL, Britains First, SE Alliance don’t march when abuse scandals perpetrators are white Christians etc. The link here is an example.
      Local people have every right to protest about the way the police and council have handled the issue but these Nazis don’t give a damn about the victims of child abuse in Rotherham (They attract a number of people with child sex and violence against women convictions themselves , they just want an excuse to get tanked up, threaten and abuse local people, they don’t like the look of, or stand up to them, for example the lads holding up the “BE NICE” placards the other day.


      • So because they don’t protest the things you think they should they should be banned? But those who protest the right things shouldn’t. One could just as well say the liberal left never protest minority rape gangs so if selective outrage is cause for a ban they should be silenced also. Sorry, you ban everyone or no one. Or rather you ban no one or lose the right to call yourself a liberal. I hold no brief for the EDL or the BNP, but frankly if it had been left up to your lot Griffen would be in jail along with many others for talking about this and we would still be in the dark about the gang rape explosion. Where’s the evidence you would cry, while making sure no one was allowed to air it.
        Truthfully I’d take a racist who fights gang rape for the wrong reasons over a Liberal who covers it up for the “right” ones every day of the week and twice on Sundays.


      • I should clarify my previous answer. There is of course no reason why liberals should protest minority rape per se. What I meant was they might protest date rape, or even VIP paedophile rings but never the rape gangs as they are predominantly minority (see the figures from the children’s commissioner or CEOPs). They only pretend to when they are having a counter demonstration to the EDL.
        I do respect you posting under your name, I do so too (surname Humphry) but there’s a reason why anon comments are allowed here. We live in a town where CSE campaigners have been risking their lives and those of their families, threatened by both gangs and police alike. I think that is a compelling justification.


      • Has it occurred to you that what Ms Baker has to say might not actually be true?

        “A woman has told Sky News how uniformed police officers stood guard as abusers sexually assaulted her as a young girl.

        Waiving her right to anonymity, Esther Baker, 32, spoke exclusively to Sky News about her tormented childhood that saw her sexually abused by men at various locations.”


  2. Marys got a wicked sense of humour hasnt she. Or maybe she believes shes in a third world country where power corrupts absolutely


  3. How will she prevent the SWP/Reclaim the Streets/CPGB and other assorted loonies from tacking themselves onto a legitimate Trades Union march/demonstration?
    Mary Ney should try a more positive approach: Use the Digitalis Extractus method to improve both the conditions in and image of Rotherham to the extent there will be no need for any demonstrations.
    That is what she’s (highly) paid to do.


  4. This is so profoundly wrong it has destroyed any confidence I had in the commissioners in a stroke. Seriously? RMBC let more 2,000 girls be raped on Sarah Champion’s estimate, and used council tax payers money to pay men to transport their victims to be trafficked and now they want to ban protests over their behaviour?
    It will cost them much more to police the illegal protests that must surely result. It’s no use telling people they have been heard when RMBC and SYP continue to flaunt the same breathtaking arrogance that got us in this mess in the first place. I haven’t taken part in any demonstration due to my lack of confidence in the organisers but if this ban is implemented I will seriously consider defying it.


  5. Commissioner may how come nobody could write a letter a year ago from RMBC to the Home Secretary or did they want edl in to cause the asain community hassle?????


  6. Commissioner Ney is doing the same thing Rotherham Council, the Labour Party, Children’s services and the Police did before, putting the reputations of the town before solving this problem of child abuse. How naive and totally insensitive of this person not to realise the pain she is causing the victims and their families by trying to swept CSE under the carpet, instead of dealing with it.

    The best way of beating this extreme groups is to find the preptrators , arrest them, prosecute them and jail them. This would also include the council officials and police officers, who fail in their duties.

    Does she feel that just because the town has commissioners in after been label dysfunctional, that everybody is going to believe that things will get better. Am afraid this town will forever be known as the capital of CSE . That’s because it was the only one to carry out a investigation into it failures over children. Let’s be frank here, what reasonable person with a young family, with girls, will want to live in the town of the damn.


  7. Er, I think Mary Ney perhaps misses the point.

    This town has been blighted by the incompetent dolts that she has been expensively employed to oversee.

    There would be no demonstrations had these incompetents done their jobs properly.

    I refer of course to the overpaid RMBC management, useless councillors and couldn’t-care-less police.

    Mary Ney needs to get on with her job rather than posturing in the press.


  8. marches have damaged the local economy ?? mary ney needs to walk around the town centre dead as a monty python parrot .


  9. The problem with these types of bans is what they can be used for, who’s definition is used to describe extremist. Groups can be described as extremist if they do not conform to what the establishment deems to be the norm. We have seen on several occasions how the so called ant-terrorist laws have been misused; it is a case of give the ruling class an inch and they will take several miles. I find it strange that she calls for the bans when we have just had a Tory government foisted on us, just remember who put Ney and the rest in place; and no I am not saying there were not needed; what I am saying when the next round of austerity measures are put into place if we demonstrate against them will we be extremists? As an ex-miner I well remember being deemed to be “the enemy within” so just beware.
    Dave Smith


    • Precisely. If we are to talk of extremism isn’t that just the word for a council that used public money to pay taxi drivers they had been informed were raping their charges to transport those girls to and from gang rape assignations? Or a police force that threatened to hand over a Home Office researcher to the rape gangs? And these are the people who get to define extremism?


        • I have already arranged to discuss with Caven Vines the idea of a group focusing on this issue, so I can put this on the agenda also. You have my email. But Theresa May could render the idea moot by telling them to get stuffed.


  10. “Every penny spent on policing demonstrations is money that could be better spent on pursuing the perpetrators of crimes and bringing them to justice”. ….. Absolutely hilarious …. blaming people who demonstrate about there being no gangs of predominantly muslim men arrested …….. for the lack of arrests ….. Shut up put your heads down and let the passage of time make the memories fade … child grooming ….. what child grooming ? … back to …. one town one community ….. and wakey wakey wide awake your back in the room .. you will have no memories of anything bad that has ever happened in Rotherham … oh and labour councillors are the best but you all already knew that after just voting them all back in.


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