Giles Humphry – Jahangir Akhtar gets in touch

Giles Humphry has recently posted this account of contact with Venture Taxis, seems like he got an over reaction?

Jahangir Akhtar gets in touch

Venture Taxis of Wath was recently exposed as having been operating without a licence for a year when one of their drivers was arrested for an alleged sexual assault on a 17 year old girl. A little bird tweeted in my ear that Venture taxis had thought they could get away with their delinquency due to a close connection with Rotherham’s taxi driver in chief, former deputy leader of the council Jahangir Akhtar, the man whom Louise Casey said continued to frighten other councillors even after his departure and who shouted “absolutely not” when asked if he wished to apologise for the rape gangs that flourished under his tenure. The same little bird suggested that Akhtar might be on police bail in connection with the Child Sexual Exploitation scandal.

10 thoughts on “Giles Humphry – Jahangir Akhtar gets in touch

  1. What’s the situation as regards this Labour Party investigation so-called?

    “THE Labour Party has suspended four members, including Rotherham councillors and former councillors, in the wake of the scathing report into child sexual abuse in the town.

    The party suspended councillors Gwendoline Russell and Shaukat Ali, as well as the council’s former leader Roger Stone and ex-deputy leader Jahangir Akhtar, pending an investigation.”

    The following article on the same web page pulls no punches

    “What we have seen is a massive establishment cover up. We’ve been lied to time and again. The lives and happiness of 1,400 children in Rotherham alone have been sacrificed on the altar of this giant multi-cultural lie.”


  2. The Rotherham Labour party suspended councillors Gwendoline Russell and Shaukat Ali ? so why are they still on the RMBC councillors website as representing Labour ? surely they should be an embarrassment to the party and at this moment in time they should be distancing themselves from these not fit for purpose head in the sand officials


    • They’re obviously not an embarrassment is the only conclusion to draw from that – and it is about 10 months since they announced this purported investigation and there is still no outcome or apparently any info about it in the public domain at all. This is a disgrace, though hardly a suprise.

      I see WYP are bestirring themselves with 15 charged, mostly from Keighley – only 11 years or so since Ann Cryer began the long process of levering up the stone, better late than never

      The repeated use of the term “historic” has always aroused my suspicions

      “The allegations are historic in nature, and are alleged to have occurred between 2011 and 2012.”

      How the hell can crimes which allegedly occurred 3 or 4 years ago possibly be described as historic? Is the day before yesterday history then?

      IMO this is just a mind game – an attempt to conflate in the public mind epidemic gang/group grooming/rape/trafficking/pimping in the here and now with largely alleged VIP abuse from 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago; it has been obvious for sometime that this is being employed as a deflection strategy by politicians, apparatchiks and senior plods who have much to hide.


  3. To Dave Froggatt

    I wonder why you should think that these two are not willing participants and fully ensconced ‘in the Labour fold?’ Also in in more ways than maintaining an appearance on the RMBC website?

    Both Shaukhat Ali and Gwendoline Russell were at the count at Magna. They were larger than life; surrounded and engaged by the Labour contingent. They looked more than happy and were very much ‘at home’ with fellow Labour councillors, candidates and MPs.

    There was no sign of any ‘distancing’ going on from any faction. After all wouldn’t that involve integrity, honesty, accountability and taking full responsibility for why they were suspended?

    Business as usual?


  4. Both these two Councillors are not on any committee or anything they are doing nothing but turning up at full Council meetings and taking their full allowance is not silverwood Ward in Healey’s constituency? Maybe as he is on the NEC he can pull a few strings?
    Now why would want to do that as he reckons they don’t talk to him?
    They can’t change. They are still control freaks and they are still in full denial!
    Less than a month from elections and they are deceiving and betraying the peoples trust as before


  5. on the subject of shaukat ali has rmbc yet chased him up for the rotherham landlord scheme ? landlord ali owns lots of properties in the selective landlord scheme area i hope landlord ali now has a licence for all the properties


  6. There is an established fact, that doesn’t quite fit the statements made? Jahangir Akhtar was happily driving for Venture Taxis, until his licence was revoked. I am sure there is an explanation?


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