Appeal to back CSE research project

Appeal to back CSE research project

COUNCIL leader Chris Read has urged people to join in a project aimed at helping the authority tackle child sexual exploitation and shape services for victims and survivors.

A research project led by the University of Salford aims to give a better understanding of the specific services needed to prevent CSE.

12 thoughts on “Appeal to back CSE research project

  1. What planet is this man on that he needs a survey to find a way forward to prevent more cse is the council so bereft of how to progress that he needs our ideas how to stop it, for a start get rid of those councillors who are still in denial and had anything to do with the scandal over the last 16 years.
    You were voted back in by the public you are paid to do a job you should make sure you do it without begging the public to do your job for you check everyone’s background who are going to have to follow new guidelines and make sure it can NEVER happen again


  2. Watched him on webcast and he spoke as though he already knew the way forward out of Rotherhams shame…. He said old methods of dealing with such criminals and victims was not viable in todays world…
    Spin spin and more spin…. God help Rotherham.. Council and police force and obviously the new highly paid commissioners can’t either. We’ve already heard what the deputy head commissioner has dreamed up as a solution.
    Question for Chris Read…. What are the ‘old obsolete methods” he is referring to.?
    Won’t hold my breath for the answer because already know Chris (still cutting his baby teeth) doesn’t know either. Rotherham’s terrible deeply entrenched troubles can’t be cured with a cheesy smile and weak jokes……..


  3. Does he mean looking for support for funds from Social Science Research Council. So following actual rapes the rubber necking and the career making. Poor children who really cares for you all.


  4. “Rotherham” model gang/group rape, trafficking, pimping etc has assumed epidemic proportions.

    Andrew Norfolk and the Times have requested that the government commission research as to why these groups and gangs are of predominantly Muslim/Pakistani origin. The Oxford serious case review made exactly the same request, or perhaps the better word would be demand.

    Afaik no response has been forthcoming.

    Is this the research approach Read would support?

    That would seem to be rather unlikely


    • “Andrew Norfolk and the Times have requested that the government commission research as to why these groups and gangs are of predominantly Muslim/Pakistani origin. The Oxford serious case review made exactly the same request, or perhaps the better word would be demand.”
      I wasn’t aware of that, do you have a reference?


      • “Ms Blyth said there had been 60 “learning points” identified within the review and 13 recommendations put forward.
        The report also called for research into why a significant proportion of people convicted in these kind of cases are of “Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage”.

        Serious Case Review

        “8.80 The association (not of all CSE, but group-based CSE) with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable, and prevention will need both national understanding, communication and debate, and also work with faith groups at a local level. A national recommendation is made below. Section 4 described some of the work around developing community relationships and resilience in Oxfordshire”


        “With a significant proportion of those found guilty nationally of group CSE being from a
        Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage, relevant government departments should research
        why this is the case, in order to guide prevention strategies”


        Andrew Norfolk


  5. Yeah they will ask the question of the public, ignore the responses, do their own thing whilst ignoring the main issue with some watered down solution and pat each other on the back whilst at the council meet. Meahwhile the culprits will go underground.


    • No – they will select the responses that suits their agenda. The quiestionnaire is designed by an idiot , but there are one or two indications as to the mindset of those who devised it. :-

      Q12 Men from all cultures can be involved in the sexual exploitation of children.

      Now I don’t know whether te clowns who devised this question are truly stupid or was there a hidden aganda ?

      You see, who would not answer “agree” as a response ? The formulation of the question is to elicit the “agree” response.
      They can can then say ” Rotherham people who were questioned in our research did not think ethnicity was a factor in CSE “. Which of course is actually totally untrue.
      It’s a ruse question – a ‘nudge’ to get the required pro-multicultural response.

      The questionnaire is about Rotherham, so Q12 should have been :

      Q12 Do you think that ethnicity has been a factor in the sexual grooming of children in Rotherham ?

      In a questionnaire like this , the way in which the questions are formulated is all important.

      The whole questionnaire is nonsense – rubbish devised by idiots to be completed by idiots. No one with half a brain would complete this sort of rubbish.


  6. For the love of me I can’t understand how much more research one need in combating CSE. We’ve had plenty of research, investigations and enquires. We basically know the MO of these vermin terrorising our children, it’s time for action. Not more weasel words.


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