Opposition? What Opposition!

Millie has an observation: Time for the opposition to get organised on the council and make a decent job of opposing the Labour Party and it’s many manfest weaknesses! The peoples patience is running out, fast!

Rotherham Politics

Little wonder that Rotherham Council is so poor – there’s a distinct lack of scrutiny or oversight provided by the so-called Tory opposition!

There are 7 Tory Councillors on Rotherham Borough Council but what do they spend their time doing? They must all be asleep during Council meetings or absent as few of them has ever been reported as raising any issues with the ruling Labour Group over recent years.

What’s the purpose of having an opposition when they don’t ‘oppose’? Or could the answer be that they are content to take their Councillor allowances, do very little and join in with the ‘troughing’ and ‘social life’ that Councillors appear to enjoy and value above all else?

In my opinion, they act more like an Independent group, showing a lack of co-ordination and direction, presumably with a Group Leader who takes a Leader’s allowance but doesn’t seem to be ‘leading’…

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3 thoughts on “Opposition? What Opposition!

  1. I knew a lone opposition councillor some years back. What he experienced was akin the the one lone child a victim to the school yard bull gang. Curs as we know hunt in packs. I do not envy any opposition councillor where there is a massive majority. I would recommend they monitor finance first and foremost. That was what precipitated Donigate or so I am told!


  2. Well said poetmorgan. Corruption needs financing, from which point corruption becomes self-perpetuating within an establishment until such time as external intervention attempts to put an end to it. Upstream of the River Don there is a local authority that also has no effective opposition, nor any outward indication of leadership with a plan that opposes, scrutinises, holds to account, or offers viable alternatives. Question is, under such circumstances, would taking the councillor’s allowances, inflated by the leadership handle, be seen by the electorate as fraud ?


  3. The only way to bring in any half decent scrutiny into a council like Rotherham is to disband the Cabinet system stop them controlling the scrutiny committees and top loading them with their control freak members who are not allowed to think for them selves due to the total control of the labour group
    Would be to introduce a Committee system when decisions are made by a balanced committee held in public and webcast
    UKIP tabled a motion for this last year and it was defeated by every Labour Councillor voting against it
    I’ve said it many times effective scrutiny on RMBC under the present system is not possible
    Just look at the make up of the scrutiny committees now to what they were before the Casey report what’s altered nothing they cannot and will not work more open and transparent they are still in total denial
    Who else would reward failure and think they should be patted on the back for it
    You really could not make this up


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