Strike announced at the Advertiser

The National Union of Journalists have a growing problem at the Advertiser after their FoC, Phil Turner was selected for redundency:

Rotherham Advertiser announce strike 11 June

… News Rotherham Advertiser announce strike 11 June Rotherham Advertiser announce strike 11 June 29 May 2015 The NUJ chapel at the Rotherham Advertiser have agreed to take …

Rotherham Advertiser targets union rep for redundancy

… News Rotherham Advertiser targets union rep for redundancy Rotherham Advertiser targets union rep for redundancy 28 May 2015 The NUJ has condemned the decision of the Rotherham …

Email the chapel and copy in the NUJ campaigns and communications department:  

Reinstate Phil Turner at the Rotherham Advertiser

15 thoughts on “Strike announced at the Advertiser

  1. There will be a rally in All Saints Square this Saturday at 12pm. Urge everyone to come down and support Phil, especially with union branch banners and placards.
    I’ve known Phil for over 30 years now, and the Advertiser NUJ chapel has been among the best for delivering solidarity, and fighting against cutbacks, privatisation, war and racism.
    Phil has been an influential Socialist, trade union campaigner in the Rotherham area for many years


  2. The miners should support Phil in the way he supported us, see you in all saints square Phil, and I will be boycotting the paper and urge others to do the same until this threat is withdrawn.
    Dave Smith


  3. With that news I have bought my last copy of Rotherham Advertiser. Is it because of his political activities and views which is victimisation. Long live socialism and Phil Turner.


  4. Journalists should report the facts and nothing but the facts without their political views. Little wonder there has been a cover up of Labour wrongdoing by the Advertiser!


  5. Phil has been a titan in our movement locally. Always fighting against injustice and giving solidarity to the oppressed, bullied and people in struggle.

    The advertiser has done its reputation a great dis service by this type of victimisationt towards a very respected journalist and union official.

    Its now time for people to stand by Phil.


  6. Well bully for you. Surely the paper is there to to yield a dividend for shareholders! What has this to do with a failed economic system?
    Yes, I am opposed to victimisation but to bring in the clichés of political philosophy is besides the point and will no doubt be of no effect.


  7. That will also be the last time I ever buy the Advertiser, it’s one step too far from those that think they know best. Well they do not.


  8. Apparently Turner is SWP

    Moot point really the extent to which left and far left influence in the media suppressed the “Rotherham model” grooming epidemic becoming common knowledge years before it did.

    It was of course claimed that the Rotherham Advertiser had been fixed.

    Andrew Norfolk said that political correctness definitely retarded media investigation, which of course means that the media are institutionally culpable also.

    If the Rotherham whistleblower had been ill-advised enough to give the council files to Turner one wonders what the outcome would have been?

    The SWP has a singular approach to grave allegations of sexual assault

    Is Turner really a deserving case?


  9. Seems that the prodigal czar of russia Nickoli Alexandria has returned from the cold and sacked all his step family siblings for manning the fort in his absence.

    Then set about with his instinctive tory attacks on the unions?

    he is a disgrace to the rag


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