MPs in line for 10% pay rise to £74,000

MPs in line for 10% pay rise to £74,000

MPs are set to receive a £7,000 pay rise after the body responsible for setting their pay and expenses stuck by its recommendation for a 10% increase.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said there appeared to be no “material” reason to alter its proposal, first put forward in 2013.

Unless “new evidence” emerged, MPs’ pay will rise from £67,060 to £74,000.

6 thoughts on “MPs in line for 10% pay rise to £74,000

  1. How they must struggle on a little over £1420 a week plus expenses …… no wonder Sarah Champion tried claiming for a wreath …. poor woman.


  2. The scale of MP’s expenses scandals had barely registered before the ‘Independent’ Authority (IPSA) was appointed and swiftly determined that MP’s should be given a ten percent pay increase (which would see their salaries rise from £67,000 to £74,000) while everyone else could manage with one percent.
    A 10% pay rise for MP’s is a damn disgrace and an insult to every working person who is paid the Minimum Wage (or even a ‘Living Wage’)
    Let us wait and see how many of the ‘Supporters of The Working Classes’ either A) Refuse the extra money or B) Donate £10k to charity.
    Any offers?


  3. I was in the Army for several years, and our pay increases were always made and recommended by an independent pay review body. We were lucky to get recommendations of 1%, and even then there were years when our Leave Warrants were cut ( we were allowed so many a year to travel home free). At the time, I forget which Party was in power, the recommendations were not listened to and the pay rises did not go forward as recommended.
    The government has the power to stop the recommendation if it so wishes, but MPs are bleating on “its not us asking for a pay rise, its the panel giving us it”.
    I am quite confident that all the MPs will stand up, shout loudly, that its wrong to take such a rise in these economic times and give the “10%” to charity. ( no I don`t think so neither)
    Next time I see Sir Nutkins, Ill ask him which way he voted.


  4. Welcome to all the circumstances that led to Invergordon 1931. Then we had Admirals pay cut 10%, Ratings pay cut 25% and first Mutiny of the Fleet since 1797.
    “When the Social Contract is broken the Citizen has a Duty to Rebel” John Locke


  5. I think we have seen this before, in Rotherham when their “independent” panel granted them a pay rise and in fact, I think they took it! Now the Rotherham “independent” panel is anything but independent, they are/were palls of Roger Stone and Co. This, I understand is a totally independent panel and so far, it is only the press who say they will accept it. Let’s wait and see. The PM is certainly against it!


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