The undoing of Ed Miliband – and how Labour lost the election

In case you missed this, from Patrick Wintour:

The undoing of Ed Miliband – and how Labour lost the election

 It was Labour’s most stunning defeat since 1983. This exclusive account, based on unique access to the party leader’s closest aides, tells the inside story of what went wrong

On 23 September 2014, Ed Miliband prepared to take the stage at the Labour party conference in Manchester to deliver the most important speech of his career. But instead of rehearsing the speech he had memorised, he was being forced to concentrate on a new opening section, endorsing the proposal David Cameron had made that morning to join the US bombing of Isis in Iraq.

10 thoughts on “The undoing of Ed Miliband – and how Labour lost the election

    • Quite true, then again I doubt if a party that takes its voters for granted. Would adopt what the working man and woman in this country wants, the right to vote on Europe.


  1. George Valentine says
    Oh for the return of the real old Labour. I can remember when Margaret Thatcher went on a diet and got rid of a 1000 collieries. Now we have David Cameron a model politician, a small replica of the real thing.


    • ‘Oh for the return of the real old Labour’
      Which version of ‘Old Labour’ are you referring to?
      The party led by Attlee, Wilson or Callaghan?
      All of them were complete disasters for Britain. The Labour party now recognises and realises that a left wing statist party can never again regain control of our country.
      The world has moved on and political parties have to accept they need to appeal to the aspiring and entrepreneural not the minority who pine for state ownership of everything that moves and is profitable.
      The Labour party of the ’40’s, ’50’s and ’60’s is dead. It has ceased to exist. It is no more. It is a dead party.
      Time for Labour to wake up and smell the coffee.


  2. George Valentine says answer to Colin Tawn

    So Labour’s Attlee, Wilson and Callaghan were a disaster? Rubbish. Blair and Brown were a disaster. Blair took us into a war on a lie that cost us the lives of our soldiers cost us over 50 billion pounds that we are trying to repay. cost us over 50 billion bailing out the banks Blair’s legacy now owning 9 houses he is a multi millionaire making millions doing speeches in America. As a Peace Envoy he is as popular as a Jew in a Mosque. Many people think he is a war criminal. Brown the other part of the Blair Brown dream ticket sold our gold reserves for a pittance and flooded this country with uncontrolled immigration that would have had even Margaret Thatcher turning in her grave. Blair overruled the Rotherham peoples choice as MP Peter Thirlwall to bring in Mac Shane who bled Rotherham and the tax payers blind with his expense scandal. Then the modern Labour Council that was run not as a democracy but as a dictatorship you can’t be mayor with all the fringe benefits unless you are a Labour councilor we fought two world wars to get rid of dictatorship. Labour in Rotherham failed to clean up the child abuse scandal that lasted 16 years and if any one had come to me and my website it would not have lasted less than16 months and the abusers would be punished. I and most of this country as shown at the election don’t want any part of your Labour and that is why they were rightly thrown out.

    Then we have Roger Stone who what he did for the sick elderly and disabled of Rotherham you could write on an postage stamp with room to lick it and what he took away would fill a sheet of A 4. Shut day centre’s shut respite homes shut old peoples residential and nurses homes. Closed the laundry service and bathing services for the sick and disabled. Cut home helps that used to be free under the old Labour party. Bins emptied every fortnight instead of weekly. Leaving the bags that hold the incontinent pads to be emptied of faeces blood urine sick and vomit on there property for a fortnight turning their property into a dumpit sight for sewage. That is a danger to public health. This is your Labour party it certainly isn’t mine


    • When I wrote that Attlee,Wilson and Callaghan were disasters I was referring to their economic incompetence.
      I agree Blair and Brown were not much better and Blair is jointly responsible for the shambles in Iraq but the main thrust of my post was to highlight the impossibility of ‘Old Labour’ ever acieving a parliamentary majority in Britain.
      Aiming for and winning votes from the so-called middle ground was the key to Blair’s three successive election wins.
      FYI I’d rather eyeballs than vote Labour.


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