Some questions for Beck and others

There are many ways of making your point. This postal correspondent has there say and I reproduce the questions and information as it arrived:

DB 1 08 May 2015

Supporting documentation:

DB 2 08 May 2015DB 3 08 May 2015


12 thoughts on “Some questions for Beck and others

  1. What particularly amuses me and something that is totally lost on this lot is the irony of the post, and the total audacity of the appointments. It’s they are appointing the opposite of what they want.

    Get in someone to oversee standards that was part of the regime that had none.

    I think you are being let down by the commissioners.


    • ‘I think you are being let down by the commissioners’

      Sir Derek Myers made it quite clear the commissioners will not investigate nor oversee the Standards Committee. This is a missed opportunity to question everyone from Jacqui Collins to former members about exactly what they knew and know about CSE, Fraudulent invoices, Taxi drivers and the actions and influences of Akhtar and Hussain.
      RMBC does not have a Standards Committee, it has instead a politically biased clique rearranging roles and responsibilities in the hope everyone will be fooled by this sham attempt at ‘change’.
      Think of well known comedy duo’s; Laurel and Hardy, Morecambe and Wise.
      Collins and Beck.? They make me laugh.


      • RMBC does not have a Standards Committee, it has instead a politically biased clique rearranging roles and responsibilities in the hope everyone will be fooled by this sham attempt at ‘change’.

        I think that’s the best description.
        Just as alarming is the speed that it was business as usual, the dust hasn’t even begun to settle.

        Having seen Boy blunder on a number of occasions it’s clear to me that he knows very little and has limited intelligence, however he tries to mask this by being polished in party spin and has obviously had some training – why use one word when you can drag something out for 5 minutes.

        Add to that the fact he has no experience in anything other than the chamber and party matters and you have someone very dangerous in a position of power with a serious ego problem.

        His treatment of cllr thornton was a disgrace.

        He is a real life comedy character, you couldn’t make him up.


        • Thanks for your interest in Rotherham and it’s problems. They are reflected in Barnsley too, care to give readers a flavour of political life in Barnsley? Rik.


      • Sorry Colin, this does not make me laugh. This is CORRUPTION at the highest level in RMBC. We know from experience that Collins ONLY investigates the wrongdoings or alleged wrongdoings of non Labour Party members. She has been asked to investigate Beck on a number of occasions and has either refused to do so or organised a cover up.
        It doesn’t make me laugh, it makes me want to cry and the sooner there is a Rothergate enquiry like Donnygate the better. Only trouble is, will our prisons be able to cope?


  2. Its the same in SCC – the miscreants put their supporters on the scrutiny committees that oversee them, thus ensuring that the cover-ups continue unabated.


  3. I understand that the Independent Committee that decided Councillors allowances, was chaired by RMBC’s tame legal beagle, M/s Collins.
    I’m not convinced that this appointment was wise…


    • I know you were only being cynical Colin but it did help me vent my spleen once again to talk about these corrupt, lying, cheating, thieving self serving, self important scum bags.
      By the way, has ANYONE ever had a response from Ms Collins? In fact, I sometimes wonder if she exists and maybe it’s someone like Littleboy or Smith who, in the past have supposedly replied to public comment.


  4. I agree with the comments on this page about RMBC the commisioners should do the job they were put here to do as for jaqui collins i have emailed her office on several occaisions asking about the laptops that went missing the suspended councillors also about councillors who knew what was going on. We are very unlikely to get to know the truth as it runs far deeper than we think to much guarding each others backs and NOT enough done for us self centered as always


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