Magna – time to pull the plug?

The BBC are carrying this story, about the parlous state of the finances of the Magna Science Adventure Centre.

Future of Magna Science Adventure Centre to be reviewed

Consultants have been brought in to assess the future of a struggling tourist attraction in South Yorkshire.

Magna Science Adventure Centre owes Rotherham Council £440,000 in outstanding loans.

Accountants PwC will examine the park’s five-year business plan to see whether it is financially viable

11 thoughts on “Magna – time to pull the plug?

  1. I fully agree magna should be closed if it cannot run without getting into debt, if i had a business would RMBC lend me council money NO for to many years now they have been given money time to call it a day


  2. It was RMBCs first choice for their overindulgent events ….. Remember Dolly … ….at a cost of £2million .. …. but now that they have New York stadium they have no use for it ….. In my opinion it should have been closed years ago … I wonder how many other failing projects RMBC are propping up ?.


  3. Colin Tawn – you’ve hit the nail on the head – dead straight.
    But since when has spending other peoples money even needed a brain?


  4. 1st mistake Its the wrong colour. People are not interested in steel factories (Most)
    It need Private enterprise to take over the debt and have the place for Free…
    Subject to a local referenda and Expert “angels” advise – Oh but that would be a UKip idea…


  5. I don’t care what happens to Magna as long as RMBC stop pouring my money into it and as for the New York Stadium, that is a private business and those Labour idiots should be prosecuted for stealing my money and giving it to a private business. I wouldn’t mind but we don’t have a choice, it’s either pay up or go to prison if you don’t give these incompetent buffoons the money for them to mis-manage. What a rotten world we live in, living in a rotten borough!


  6. Perfect site for a model urban village. Cover the debt by selling to a developer who is prepared to build homes for rent and to sell in equal numbers. Build at Magna, and on other local brownfield sites, instead of in the greenbelt. Oh, but that would be another UKip idea.


  7. Just for information, The reason RMBC keep pumping money into it is because where else would they hold their Elections counts.. More importantly, they pump money in because they are a “partner” in this so called adventure. ( I think Rodger the Dodger was either a Trustee or some kind of “director”)
    Half a million owed by Magna, hundreds of thousands loaned to a Private Business man to repair the “Three Cranes” Pub, Millions loaned to the New York Stadium, Thousands loaned to the Rugby team and the purchase of two Empty manufacturing buildings at the advanced Manufacturing park at around £4 Million. And there was me thinking that we had to make savings because of Government cuts.
    Money is flowing everywhere, but not to those who need it. The Council should remind itself that its there to provide competent services, not to cosy up to business.


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