Brothers face Rotherham child sex charges

Brothers face Rotherham child sex charges

Two brothers have been charged with child sexual offences in the Rotherham area dating back to the 1990s.

Bannaras Hussain, 35, of Bridge Close, Goole, faces 22 offences against girls under 16 spanning four years between 1998 and 2002.

His brother Sageer Hussain, 29, of the same address, has been summoned to court in July for four counts of rape in 2003 of a girl under 16.

Bannaras Hussain is due before Rotherham magistrates on Wednesday.

Brothers charged with 26 sex offences against Rotherham girls

TWO brothers have been charged with a total of 26 sexual offences against underage girls between 1998 and 2003.

Bannaras Hussain (35), of Bridge Close in Goole, is due before magistrates in Rotherham this morning on 22 offences over a four year period.

Grateful to our several spotters who brought this to our attention.

13 thoughts on “Brothers face Rotherham child sex charges

  1. They are from Rotherham and the alleged offences took place here.

    They used to live on Clough Road, and even now they’re only about 40 minutes from their old address and family, or 35 minutes from the Rotherham border.

    Theirs is a good address for accessing all sorts of things and places…:)

    A good guess would be that someone advised them to leave Rotherham, and preferably the SY Police Constabulary area. Just a little slight of hand in terms of names and spellings makes it possible for a past to be disguised if not lost altogether, and the Police aren’t always good at inter force communications.

    Would be interesting to know how they and their brother Arshid, who also moved to Goole after being shot as part of a drugs war, are earning a living these days.

    Maybe uncle Akhtar is still looking after them.



  2. i recall sageer hussain being on channel 4 news sometime ago defending his brother arshid can someone put a link up for this ?


  3. Was it his brother ..Ash .. who handed a girl over in a petrol station under the supervision of Jahangir Akhtar (allegedly).


  4. Mad Ash got shot and put in a wheel chair after he upset some big fish in the illegal drugs trade. I hear they wanted to make him suffer for rest of his life rather than kill him.


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