Fracking in Maltby?

This plea to our MEP’s on the contentious fracking issue.

Originally left as a comment, but too important for readers to miss.

Dear MEPs,

I wish to object in the strongest possible terms to fast track proposals that will allow fracking in my home town of Maltby without the consent of local residents.
Maltby main colliery is located in ancient woodland on the edge of Maltby and borders on farmland. After seeing compelling evidence of current fracking operations in America and Australia, I believe that fracking here will result in nothing less that an ecological disaster that will devastate plant and animal life and pose a serious risk to the health of Maltby residents. Evidence of the hazards of fracking is growing every day and I am deeply disturbed that, despite reassurances, little to no notice is being taken.
Please do all in your power to bring this to the attention of relevant parties and halt this fast track process. It is, by definition, undemocratic and flies in the face of safety concerns. Very little is known of the dangers of fracking or what to do in the event of accidents. If this process goes ahead we will pay the price of their ignorance and hubris.

Chris White.

Rik, would be grateful for information on the formation of any protest group?

7 thoughts on “Fracking in Maltby?

  1. they closed maltby colliery due to the benzene levels and men could only work in it for a maximum of 2 hours. If this is put into the atmosphere in the local community and Benzene increases the risk of cancer and other illnesses. Benzene is a notorious cause of bone marrow failure. Substantial quantities of epidemiologic, clinical, and laboratory data link benzene to aplastic anemia, acute leukemia, and bone marrow abnormalities.

    steve mace former maltby NUM Branch Delegate and NEC member


  2. I am not against fracking in principle, if we can ensure that the water table isn’t damaged, earth quakes from fracking is a red herring. Anything that can make our country more sustainable and independent of the Middle East has to be a good thing. I can imagine that Fracking is far less polluting than deep coal mining that was in abundance in this area and won’t result in poor health of people working in the industry, with very little visual impact on the surface. Hopefully this would bring wealth back to this area, but this time lets put money aside for a rainy day as in Norway.


    • No one works in the industry where they turn up.
      They set up and drill, and it remains unmanned.
      In and out, no messing about. Certainly won’t be offering jobs to the peeps of Maltby.


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