A few pertinent questions

Maybe new name… but with same players ?….

Seems strange to me ..postcode matches A1 taxis .. S60 1HW

A couple of the phone numbers when Googled  bring a fencing company up  ..http://www.tradesmencorner.co.uk/listings/white-rose-fencing-garden-supplies-01709-555-111/      .. Another brings up  the meeting place …   http://rotherham.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/the-meeting-place-16501637.html    …

Companies house has no Primecars Taxis in Rotherham ….

No address for business on leaflet … Not very transparent and open is it for a new company ?.

Anyone else know anything about this company ?.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Prime-cars/1396838727231645?sk=reviews    Armoured cars ?

Questioner , First Time User


8 thoughts on “A few pertinent questions

  1. One primecar taxi is running around with no taxi plate on as well! Seen this at least a dozen times this week! Surely this is illegal


  2. This BBC programme once again shows the reluctance to point out that behind this abuse is Islam!! Exactly the same as RMBC and all other agencies involved, don’t mention the word Pakistani or Islamic males.


  3. It is unfortunate we have some so called jealous people out there ie taxi operators who unfortunately have a lot of spare time to bring about total garbage further to your garbage mr or mrs rothpol prime cars is a genuine company licenced with RMBC and the address is unit 3 low bridge business park kilnhurst road S65 2LT.. and tge pho e numbers are registered to prime cars and not to any A1 or Shaukat Ali or James Bond.
    Prime cars is a trustworthy company with drivers who have a good communications with passengers and are very helpfull also it is the only company that doesnt rip people off by giving a fair price also u are most welcome to visit our office and ask any questions thanks
    Admin prime cars..


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