Panorama – Stolen Childhoods

BBC Panorama – Stolen Childhoods:

Warning this is a harrowing tale that moves the story on.

5 thoughts on “Panorama – Stolen Childhoods

      • I agree Rik, The documentary is emotionally draining and leaves one with a sense of total despair as to who can fix the unfixable.

        The horse bolted long ago in the sexual revolution in Britain . Those who had some idea where it would all lead to in the future were and still are treated with utter ridicule and contempt and easy targets for a corrupt media….(Replies to my comment are already anticipated but I,m ok with it …my Grandchildren are more important to me than the PC clowns) If anyone doubts who educate our children , then simply watch their music videos . 15 minutes should be all that is required to get the picture. That friends… is what Britain has allowed for decades and perverts of any religion know how to take advantage of it.

        God was pronounced dead in the 60s and Christian morality laughed out of existence. Of course no one dare try laugh Islam out of existence without fear of their lives….

        As time goes on the hole gets deeper and those highly paid individuals employed fix the problem and ‘move forward’ are impotent to do anything other than hold a meeting. Chris Read announces old ideas not good enough for modern social dilemmas. Mr Read ought to know that sometimes it’s necessary to go back in order to go forward. Watching the council meetings by webcast assures me that absolutely no help from that quarter for helping to restore hope and confidence for the people of Rotherham . Unlike Robin Hood they rob the poor to make their comfortable lives more comfy.

        Back to the video concerned….The father on the video who cried because he tried to rescue his daughter from the pimps who were violating his daughter was himself arrested. He said in hindsight he should have ignored the police and kicked down the door and rescued his daughter.
        I agree, that’s what he should have done and that is what Rotherham can expect in the future. Get used to it because those in charge have created the climate for it.



  1. While i don’t agree with you version about the sexual revolution which as taken place, since the sixties, as women have the same rights as men, in that particular sphere of life. But the whole basis of your argument is undermine, because you seem to forget that in those unenlighten years, it was men domination of women or there lack of respect for women, which has resulted in what we have in Rotherham and other parts of the country.

    In essence when men think of women as not their equal and children, especially underage girls , even less, then you will have men, even young boys, who feel they can Committ these horrendous crimes with impunity. It’s a cultural thing, some cultures are repulsed by the mere thought of underage sex, some thrive on it . As what happen in Rotherham.

    As for the programme, funny how all these Social Workers are crawling out of the woodwork, spilling the beans now. Perhaps they should have had the courage, of their obvious misplaced guilt, and said something earlier and saved countless thousands of young children. Jane Senior did, why didn’t they?


    • Sorry Anonymous, I can’t understand your reply to my comment other than your opinion that men before the sixties were less respectful of women than today. Your experience is of mid 20th century is different to mine in that matter.


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