Decision date set for CCTV in Rotherham taxis

Decision date set for CCTV in Rotherham taxis

Rotherham council will decide whether or not to make taxis in the town install CCTV cameras on June 29.

The proposal has sparked an angry response from black cab drivers in Rotherham saying that ‘costs’ and an ‘invasion of privacy’ will be a problem.

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6 thoughts on “Decision date set for CCTV in Rotherham taxis

  1. Why are the black cab drivers of Rotherham against this scheme. If they have nothing to hide then why should they object. Invasion of privacy, whose privacy, theirs? Afraid it might show the truth about the abuse carried out by taxi drivers. These are the actions of extremely guilty men and any taxi driver found to object against this scheme should and must lose their licence and NEVER get it back. Their abuse must be stopped somehow!!


    • Not only are they scared of being caught involving CSE , but just think, the aurthorities will be able to see how many people they’ve really pick up, where , when, who was driving the cab, was it book. All this information will be available on playback. The Tax man is rubbing his hands .


  2. cant see the cost of cameras being a problem to cab driver in rotherham as most have other incomes as well the bulk are landlords with lots of properties .


  3. Going to be an interesting day, the 29th? What with a certain Magistrates appearance, of Arshid Hussain, with the inevitable press pack in Town looking for stories! Some with cash, I understand.


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