Telegraph – two links, not to be missed

An anonymous contributor sent me these links, well worth a read:

Theresa May: Child abuse in the UK runs far deeper than you know

The inquiry into child abuse is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to expose abuse and protect children in future

By Theresa May.


2 thoughts on “Telegraph – two links, not to be missed

  1. “Yet, incredibly, some people still question whether we need an inquiry. “What’s the point?” they say. “It’s so long ago and we know it all now. Leave it in the past where it belongs.” But how on earth are we to learn lessons for the future if we don’t address the wrongs of the past?”

    Hmmm, Orgreave, anyone? Don’t get me wrong, if it were to toss a coin between an inquiry into Orgreave and one into child abuse, the second one would get my vote, and I’m fairly sure the miners would agree. But wasn’t a coin toss, was it? It is, at best, a double standard, at worst a cover up.

    The story on conspiracy theories is bang on IMO.


  2. Alex Proud The Telegraph, last sentence on paedophiles, “hard to imagine what kind of person would be so in thrall with power that they would cover up child abuse”? Has he had a good look at Rotherham Council, I could name him at least one in Dinnington.
    Dave Smith


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