RMBC – See our plan to improve Rotherham

Thanks for this spot goes to Regular Reader:

See our plan to improve Rotherham

The Council has submitted its Improvement Plan to the Government for their comments. Leader of the Council, Cllr Chris Read said:

“We are currently consulting with residents to find out their views of Rotherham – both good and bad – and what they think needs to change.

“These views will help inform the development of our Improvement Plan, which draws together the actions we will need to ensure the Council becomes the well-run, high-performing authority which local people deserve.


6 thoughts on “RMBC – See our plan to improve Rotherham

  1. Yep decisions have been made – they have already sent it to London………
    I looked at the PDF seems to be management jargon with no key points –
    just small print, that no one will want to read.
    So no consultation and No clear goals – written in stone labour??


  2. Went to a RMBC roadshow the other night and all the questions were carefully worded to get the answers our Labour leader wanted. He didn’t like criticism though particularly when it came to choosing dysfunctional, not fit for purpose councillors for key posts. Felt the whole thing was a sham!


    • To Anon
      Don’t blame him – the Rotherham electorate voted for such incompetents. Rotherham got what it wanted. A ‘wet behind the ears’ over promoted, way beyond his capability, snip of a lad who has never had a real job in his life. He is simply a union ‘run about’ making up a nice pay packet from the public purse TWICE and doesn’t it half show?.


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