Rotherham MP writes fresh letter to David Cameron over child sex exploitation

From the Star:

Rotherham MP writes fresh letter to David Cameron over child sex exploitation

A Rotherham MP who has been lobbying Government for action to tackle child abuse has written a fresh letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.

In the letter, MP Sarah Champion has asked Mr Cameron what progress the Government has made in protecting victims of child sexual exploitation.

Sarah asks for further details on certain provisions which have been outlined by the Government in recent months.

They include giving greater opportunities to victims and witnesses to give evidence outside court and rolling out pre-trial cross examination for child victims.

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11 thoughts on “Rotherham MP writes fresh letter to David Cameron over child sex exploitation

    • I assume the previous comments mean, Sarah Champion is now blaming the Government for CSE in Rotherham, completely absorbing her, the Labour Council, Social services and SYP of any blame. However Ms Champion does have a point, since we now know that this situation is far bigger than Rotherham, and exists all around the country, perhaps the Prime Ministers government should be paying more attention to this problem.


    • No disrespect, but will Cameron actually reply or pass it to one of his lackeys. Nice idea just before an Election, cheap publicity, exploited too by Ms Champion. She serve her purpose, made him look like it cared about CSE. He’s got bigger fish to fry, Europe, Middle East, ISIS etc, why would he be bothered about Rotherham, when he wasn’t before.


      • I don’t know who will write the reply – but it will tells us just how far Cameron has got so far on the commitments he made.

        Cameron probably wouldn’t be bothered about Rotherham if we didn’t have an articulate, outspoken and nationally known (via that TV program) MP.
        But now he is stuck with some commitments and he is going to have to deliver.


  1. Mrs C seems to spend all her time writing to everyone but RMBC. Its time she focused nearer to home. She has never named and shamed anyone at RMBC, and what about those “Labour” Cllrs who still sit with the Labour bench, but have had the whip taken away? When are they going to be investigated (they must have done something, otherwise they would not have had the whip removed).


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