Doctor Politics – UKIP diagnosis & cure?

The first of a series of occasional postings from Doctor Politics:

UKIP diagnosis & cure?

Symptoms and Diagnosis:

Principal symptoms, poorly attended meetings controlled by a small group of Elected Members of RMBC, whose views always prevail. The events surrounding the elections this year involving the controlling group, taking their bats home for the duration of the campaign and together, with some public pronouncements, brought the Party into disrepute! Effective support for all candidates was directly impeded by the actions of a few and prospects for next year damaged, as a consequence of those, who put themselves above the party!

Treatment and Cure:

Close the Rotherham Branch

Use democracy to fix the problem, of developing the skills of as many members as possible, in the basics of organisation and election fighting, as well as increasing recruitment.

Form three constituency party branches, devoted to fighting next years elections and building UKIP in Rotherham

The officers of those bodies should be lay members.

The UKIP Group on the Council should be accountable to a borough wide UKIP group that should be formed after next years elections, when the party will have the time to deal with the issues involved.

That is my prescription for the current afflictions of Rotherham UKIP which, if followed, I am confident will restore Rotherham UKIP to full health.

Doctor Politics

A collective effort

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5 Responses to Doctor Politics – UKIP diagnosis & cure?

  1. John Wilkinson says:

    Doctor politics once again gets it wrong. Too many incorrect statements here. However, rather than close Rotherham branch why not form your own? The result may well be the best way forward. We are looking at forming constituency branches at some time in the future anyway which is a natural step as we grow larger. By the way, our monthly branch meetings are very well attended and it was noticed that a certain group were missing last time. Rather than continuing to do down the hard work of many, why not get your act together, put your heads above the parapet and form your own branch – just like we did in Rotherham when we were originally part of Doncaster UKIP branch?

    • Doctor Politics says:

      You are mistaken, those involved in Doctor Politics are not members of any political party, including your own. You have however, confirmed more than one one point made, more eloquently than anything we could have written. Implied threats, towards fellow members is never attractive and could even be said to have brought the party into disrepute! Both You John, and Caven, have fallen into that trap, this is a public forum after all?

  2. fiferalfa says:

    Doctor Politics could you please tell me to whom the Labour party is accountable as it still seems they are doing as they wish even with the commissioners being there supposedly to make sure the council is more accountable why are wee wasting money if they do not intended to listen to ANY opposition even it is to the benefit of the borough

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  4. Caven Vines says:

    All I will say is infiltrators and dirty tricks we know who you are ??

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