Sajid Bostan and Arshid Hussain – bailed over 56 Rotherham child sex abuse charges

Two bailed over 56 Rotherham child sex abuse charges

ROTHERHAM child sex abuse suspect Sajid Bostan has appeared before a judge today charged with 11 offences.

He was bailed to appear at Sheffield Crown Court on July 9.

Another suspect, Arshid Hussain (40) failed to appear at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court, with his solicitors citing medical reasons.

The case was adjourned until his absence and Hussain is due to appear before July 7.


22 thoughts on “Sajid Bostan and Arshid Hussain – bailed over 56 Rotherham child sex abuse charges

  1. Are we going to see the direct links between these people and their Labour Party friends and family explored in the main stream media? Come on Advertiser you are now at least 4/5 years behind Roth Pol. Time to expose the whole gang. Also, can we also have an investigation into finances at the Unity Centre, REMA and other cash cows for Asbo n crew?


  2. Just think, all those years them thinking they were untouchable. The law maybe slow, But hopefully justice will prevail. Was Sarah Champion at the courts. Supporting her friend, she missed another photo opportunity.


  3. Investigation into finances for,
    Unity Centre
    Kashmiri Trust
    And any other that may have been forgotten.
    £350,000 given to MAARI from the lottery fund.
    Where is it going?


  4. his solicitors citing medical reasons ? Where’s he getting his treatment then Pakistan General Hospital ? And do the authorities really think Sajid will turn up on July 9th what on earth were they doing giving him bail ? he’s probably in the departure lounge at Manchester Airport as we speak


  5. Have noticed many comments on blogs and social media stating Sajid Bostan was 13 yrs old in 1990, suggesting it was consentual, and dismissing the 11 charges as a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. Age of consent in th UK is 16. Any sexual activity under the age of 16 is considered sexual assault and is a crime. Even if you were to discount the charges under 16 (which I definitely DON’T) what about the period 1993 to 2001 ? Seems his family and friends are working overtime on ‘saving face’. If anyone knows the specifics of the 11 charges please let us know.


  6. One bailed suspect has already decamped to Pakistan as our lenient and politically correct police didn’t take his passport from him. They have now committed the same ‘error’ again. Better for the ‘crime figures’ I suppose.


  7. seems the Police want to forget this photograph as only available as a Cache version from google with the screenshot cached last week but the actual page now removed – reminds me of a photo or two that Sarah Champion may regret with hindsight


  8. Haji mohammed Bostan will probably blind to this also, his sons stabbed ch liaqats son he ignored it, his sons are proper criminals, haji MOHD Bostan ignored it, i hope they lock him up along with his fat wife (who give birth to two rapists, (saj and maj), one criminal, (Haq), one retard (shans) and a corrupt ugly lawyer(irfy)


    • I hear the father Bostan back in the 1960 in his beloved village of Plaak he Murdered an innocent farmer and ran away to UK and his groomed his sons to become rapist.
      Shame on you Bostans.


      • Bostan Sr is far beyond corrupt, he is the scum of earth, he and his family need to be demolished. His nephew asghar also known as Don knows this. He will swear by it.


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