Two aspects to corruption and organised crime…

Those who commit the crimes, and those who know, but keep quiet….letting the criminals get away with it.

There are a lot of complaints from those who say they are now suffering because of the crimes by the few. Saying Sajid and other taxi leaders were foisted upon them.

The reality is a lot of taxi drivers turn a blind eye to the criminals. They know what is happening, but say nothing. possibly because the crooks help them get away with their own small crimes. Big fleas have little fleas.

For example, I have been told by several Mirpuri , including a former Councillor, that they believe Akhtar to be a crook…yet despite a conviction for violence and a refusal to show remorse he has constantly been thrust forward by the community as a leader.

Why do the Mirpuri , especially the taxi drivers, constantly select leaders who are tainted by criminality? You cannot just keep saying “it wasn’t me who voted for them.”

Get some self respect and take responsibility.

One suspects they are hypocrites and really they see these leaders as macho freedom fighters, striking blows against the kafir. That in their hearts they really dislike the White community, and that while their leaders are crooks, they are at least ‘their crooks’.

It is unfortunate that some honest taxi drivers will suffer because of the crimes others..but honestly. Can you really, on the lives of your family, say you didn’t know what was going on with taxi drivers running drugs and prostituting children?

Can you say that you aren’t fiddling tax? that you have never undertaken an illegal delivery? That you don’t lick the backsides of Akhtar, Mahroof, Ali and Sajid Bostan just for a small favour.

Someone has to say that Mirpuri must get some pride and dignity, stop living through the proceeds a petty criminality and tax evasion. Stop fantasizing about some never never land called Azad Kasmir, that your children don’t want to go back to and when you return they only want you for your money.

Where the corrupt politicians use traditional family loyalty to milk you for money that you cannot afford, to fight for a dream of independence that is irrelevant to you and your family.


And from ‘Deep Throat’, a point to consider, perhaps?

Those who are considering going to the Town Hall tomorrow, should bear in mind their case was holed below the waterline yesterday, by conflating Sajid and the strike!

Those who turn up tomorrow will be predominately Sajid’s supporters.

A list of those attending, would make a useful starting point, for the police to investigate?

There is an awful lot of CCTV that will aid identification too, how convenient!

Deep Throat

14 thoughts on “Two aspects to corruption and organised crime…

  1. How naive.
    The village mentality, the Biradiri and power by intimidation and violence have been imported into these South Asian communities from “back home” . The community “leaders” are self-appointed, often because they have power and influence either by virtue of wealth or thuggery, or both. It is rarely due to intelligence or moral rectitude.
    Just because some people come to live here to take advantage of our educational and welfare systems does not mean they have also adopted our perspectives and values – or indeed that they wish to. I believe a suitable expression is ” physically here but mentally and morally back home “.
    All you see, in response to your comments, is exactly what one expects from a diaspora based upon a non-integratable alien society whose wish is to simply to import their own culture into a different geographical region.


    • But this behaviour and it’s consquences for the other communities, could’ve flourish if it was for a completely benign and foolish host. Who bent over backwards to accommodate these people and their percurlaties. They don’t just hate their generous White benefactors, who welcome them into their country with open arms and allow them their freedoms, but they hate other races, they never integrate like others.

      They believe they are better than other races, so these other races children , especially young girls, are fair game for their degenerate and completely disgusting behaviour.


    • Of course, such human filth exists in all societies..
      However, this is radically different from a group who deliberately chooses those from a different ethnicicity to prey upon , and who have made money by prostituting thier victims within their vast national network of many many thousands of same-ethnicity perverts.
      It would seem that the NCA , incompetent and politically correct as they are, are beginning to realise that they can no longer cover up the national organised crime network that has been responsible for grooming different-ethnicity children.


  2. Raghdeep –
    You added a link to suggest that not all criminals are Asian or Pakistani.

    But there is a distinct difference that the White criminals do not get the hush hush, or let’s turn a blind eye to it because they are from the same clan or town or someone I know is related to them.

    White peoples as far as I know will shop their white criminals knowing that this is wrong especially where innocent people are concerned.
    But the Asian way of thinking is to say nothing even knowing about it.
    Let’s prove me wrong and have all that work in the taxi business confess and sprag on those that are evil.


    • Hear Hear. This is spot on. I dislike it when the CSE is watered down sometimes by saying it was Asians who done it!. No it was Pakistani heritage men that done it. Call it as it is. Diluting it by saying Asians means Indians, Bengalis, Gujaratis etc etc. No it was not – it was Pakistani’s and the Muslim community has to take responsibitiy for treating our girls as human toilets rather than burying their heads


  3. Its true what your saying!! The media will only give you news that THEY want you to hear, but there are these kind of people in every kind of race! Why should all the taxi drivers pay for it?? Celebrities got done for rape, etc, does that mean all celebrities need an eye watching over them!!


    • @Raghdeep singh.

      ‘Why should all the taxi drivers pay for it??’
      A fair question which deserves a fair answer.
      All Asian taxi drivers are tarred with the same brush as CSE perpetrators which is unfair.
      The only way you will effect change is for you-as a group- to stand up to the thugs and cheats who infest the taxi trade (that includes Private Hire and Hackney Carriage drivers) and accept in-cab CCTV, accept any and all training to improve your standards and image and ask the public to support you.
      If you do not have any faith in the Police to help you if you are threatened then write to the Commisioners and enlist their support.
      Taxi drivers in Rotherham must accept they are tainted therefore a small group of drivers who are willing to raise standards will gain support.
      I know it is more difficult if you don’t own the vehicle and/or the radio equipment but you have to realise Rotherham taxi drivers are rated 0/10 by a number of people.
      Including me.


  4. On the flip side it is the month of fasting.
    Is it true that all must be very careful in all aspects of wrong doing.
    Can anyone at the meeting or during any discussions confirm they were the exact role models of their belief?


  5. If a company of lets say for instance Polish Men/women were to set up a Taxi company in Roth called Pole2PoleCCTV Taxis. . .
    Who Do you think would get the booking when its the end users choice ? all the schools/council contracts ?
    Times are a Changing. . . hopefully for the better.

    Mr Optamistik


  6. To say ” one suspects they are hypocrits” is naivety in the extreme. They hate our religion, they hate our style of dress, they hate western culture , they hate us and they choose to live apart ftom us……..but they are prepared to disregard all this because they love the standard of living this hateful country gives them.
    Is this not absolute hypocrisy?


    • It is hypocrisy of the worst kind. But we allow it to happen. The Pakistani community want to rule from within – to impose their outdated and vile religious values on the rest of humanity.


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