Lord Janner faces historical sex abuse prosecution

Lord Janner faces historical sex abuse prosecution

Lord Janner will be prosecuted over claims of historical child sexual abuse after a review overturned a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Prosecutors announced in April that the 86-year-old peer would not be charged because of his severe form of dementia.

An independent QC has now recommended that the decision should be overruled.

Lord Janner, who was MP for Leicester West for 27 years, denies any wrongdoing and his family says he “is entirely innocent”.


4 thoughts on “Lord Janner faces historical sex abuse prosecution

  1. But careful what you wish for, it could be a degrading spectacle indeed

    “So Greville Janner will have his show trial. We will see the list of offences. And it will be a long – a shockingly long – list, dating back to the 1970s. We will hear the – doubtless graphic and harrowing – testimony of the witnesses. We will read the detailed and compelling evidence compiled by the Crown.

    And then we will wait for the response. The defence. That fundamental part of the legal process that until today I thought – and I suspect most people thought – was an inviolate part of the British judicial system.

    But there will be no defence. No cross examination of witnesses. No challenge to their testimony. No attempt to interrogate the case put forward by the Crown.”


    “The announcement did not set out why Mr Perry thought her original decision was wrong. In fact, it affirmed Ms Saunders’ original reasoning, and admitted:
    Quote Although there is sufficient evidence to prosecute, it is right to assume that Greville Janner will inevitably be found unfit to plead and therefore not fit to instruct his legal team and not fit to challenge or give evidence in a trial. Therefore the most likely outcome of a “trial of the facts” would be an absolute discharge, which is neither punishment nor conviction.
    Were there to be evidence that Janner had faked his dementia, there would be little controversy about this decision. There is no such evidence. Instead the reason for the change of heart is that it is now considered that there is a strong public interest in prosecuting him.
    But make no mistake – terrible allegations will now be levelled in court at a man who cannot defend himself properly.”



  2. The truth is obvious and out there. janner is a serial sex abuser and will be known as such. He may not be imprisoned but his victims will know their abuser has had his reputation tarnished. for that we should all be thankful.
    Janner himself was always keen to push for the prosecution of nazis, irrespective of whether they were conscripts acting under orders in fear of their lives, despite the passage of time. He too must face justice. It seems incontravertible that the man is a pig.


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