Star Exclusive – Shaun Wright

Shaun Wright will not face IPCC investigation over Rotherham scandal complaints

Former police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright will not face investigation over his knowledge of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has ruled there is ‘no evidence’ to suggest Mr Wright may have committed any criminal act after three complaints were made about him.

6 thoughts on “Star Exclusive – Shaun Wright

  1. Er, does the term ‘malfeasance in public office’ mean anything to anybody? or perhaps ‘maladministration’ or perhaps just plain old ‘incompetence’?

    So, in spite of multiple reports about the continuous cock-ups, willful blindness, appointment of very expensive commissioners, etc. etc. we retain the same old situation of public officials coasting along in very comfortable positions complete with big fat salaries.

    IPCC, DPP, Commissioners, political apparatchiks, senior Local Gov’t management, senior civil servants, senior police officers, MPs – all with their snouts in the same bottomless trough of public money and not one of them prepared to actually act against the scum that allowed the criminals to inflict such heinous acts upon children.

    Well done to all of you.


  2. If a police officer farts out of place, he is reported to the IPCC who ALWAYS investigate. Why not in this case? There appears to be lots of evidence against Wright and the facts of the case speak for themselves. Beginning to wonder if the IPCC is still run by the Labour party even though they no longer run their dictatorship.


    • IPCC what do we think it stans for? Perhaps -“Incompetent Police Crime Coverup”?
      Wasn’t Shaun Wright also on the South Yorkshire Police Authority?
      How can any of the old Police Authority Members and many Senior Police Officers say they knew nothing.
      The public needs to ask for a full investigation into what they knew along with all the Senior SYPolice, from when the first CSA was reported and obviously ignored or covered up, but why?


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