High Court Judgement

An intrepid researcher into the deeper workings of RMBC, came across this High Court Judgement.

To say this raises many questions, is the understatement, of the year.

Our inquirer though, is having no sucess in getting the Legal Officer, Jacqueline Collins, to respond to the simplest of questions. Has he come across one of the skeletons? We should be told!

8 thoughts on “High Court Judgement

  1. Perhaps the Rothpol inquirer should share his/her questions, such that we can gauge the, albeit predictable, chicanery of Collins.


  2. Their questions could be paraphrased as, has this been made public and how much did the appeal cost? Simple questions indeed, but the answers must be complicated or embarrassing?


  3. It is unreasonable to expect candour from those quite incapable of candour. Theirs is a world of the opaque and of plausible deny-ability. It is a bit like wanting a corkscrew to be straight and still be useable as a corkscrew. I spent years dealing with local authority legal officers and they are all problematic when it comes to getting a straight answer to anything. So I wish you luck and stamina in dealing with this one.


  4. One loses the will to live long before getting to the end of this judgement. One option might be for the enquirer to make an objection to the accounts of RMBC questioning their authority to incur the expenditure. This can be done by contacting the external auditor.


    • So tell the commissioners, they are the ones who are supposed to be sorting the council out. They can do nothing if people don’t tell them what’s going on. Because RMBC won’t tell them anything they are not asked about, you can bet your life on it.


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