‘Peoples Assembly’ – News of events

Support for The People’s Assembly has surged since the ‘End Austerity Now’ demo on 20 June! New local groups are being set up across the country. Check our local groups page for one near you or if you can set one up where you live please get in touch with the office for advise and support.

We’re planning on keeping the momentum going with a National Day of Action on 8 July. George Osborne is announcing his emergency budget, so we’re calling nation wide protests. This is the second budget in just four months & it begs the question what was Osborne hiding in his last? Osborne plans £12 billion in cuts to welfare and a fresh round of austerity measures.
Birmingham 8 July
Protest 17.00 @ Waterstones, Birmingham City Centre
Bradford 8 July
Rally 17.30 @ centenary Square, Bradford City Centre
Invite your friends
Bristol 8 July
Protest 17.30 @ The Fountains
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Cardiff 8 July
Protest 17.30 @ Cardiff Castle
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Cornwall 8 July
A very visual demo 12:00 – 18:00 @ Truro outside NatWest
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Derby 8 July
Demonstration 17.30 @ junction of Saint Peter’s Street and East Street
Doncaster 8 JulyPublic
Meeting 19.00 @ Church View
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Eastbourne 4 July
Street Stall and Idea sharing @ Bankers’ Corner, Terminus Road
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Hull 8 July
Lobby 9am, Rally 12pm @ Hull Guildhall Steps
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Leeds 8 July
City Square, Leeds 17:00
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London 8 July
Protest 5.30 at Parliament
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Manchester 8 July
Protest 17:00 @ Market Street
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Newcastle 7 July
Protest 17:00 @ Grey’s Monument
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Newport 8 July
Protest 17.30 @ Westgate Square
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Nottingham 8 July
Protest 17:00 @ Brian Clough Statue
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Oxford 8 July
Protest 18.00 @ Carfax Tower
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Sheffield 8 July
Protest 17:00 @ Sheffield Town Hall
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Southampton 8 July
Protest 17.30 @ Southampton Civic Centre
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Sunderland 8 July
Protest 17.00 @ Park Lane
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Swindon 8 July
16.00 @The Crumpled Waterfall, canal Walk, Swindon Town Centre
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York 8 July
Parliament St (between Barclay’s and Halifax bank) 17.30
Protests are still being organised, so keep an eye on the event page.

If you’re in London:
We’d like to welcome all Londoners that support the People’s Assembly to a London Wide Meeting – whether you volunteered, stewarded, made placards, or even just came on the 20 June demonstration – to come along to our next London-wide gathering. We’ll be thinking about how to build a huge presence in London, and sharing ideas on how to make our upcoming events as big as possible.

We thank you for your support and if you able, please set up a monthly donation to help us maintain a permanent opposition to austerity.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

2 thoughts on “‘Peoples Assembly’ – News of events

  1. You don’t ask the question why we have to have these austerity measures do you? No, because most of you are Labour voters and the ones responsible for voting in a Labour government which virtually bankrupted this country. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are totally responsible for what HAS to happen in this country today. The same as Greece, they must accept that they have over spent, under contributed to the finances of their country and they are now bankrupt.


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