47 thoughts on “Jahangir – gets a little upset?

  1. “during this racist attack” pmsl …..which racist attack would that be then ? ..the one where ALL yes ALL taxi drivers have been told they have got to have cctv installed ..and that through this their hours can be monitored so no longer will they be able to fiddle tax by saying they have earned nothing. If it was me in charge I would have implemented a tachograph system to monitor driving hours breaks etc and in the name of safety limit driving hours just like HGV drivers as well as a structured on going course like HGV drivers also do ..Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) bringing a bit of professionalism into the trade https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driver_CPC Does that make me racist ?


  2. “I always stood up for everybody” – really? He’s a thug and a bully and still takes time off to persecute law students – and I see that he’s still obsessed with Respect … of course it’s hardly surprising. His downfall coincided with our arrival in town and he’s been on a slippery downward slope every since..


    • Well said sister Yvonne.
      It was respect that defeated Jahngir Akhtar.
      His stooped that low that he tried to create a divide with the caste system.
      It was amusing when his best friend Shoky Mechanic brought a candidate forward.
      You should have seen him run out of the night of counting in May 2014 with his brother Shab the Bob the builder with him and he barged into Shoky the mechanic.
      Asbo Shoky the mechanic had last laugh on you.


      • Don’t forget part of respect team was Mahmood Bangawala from skyline.
        Whole of the community is laughing at you.
        Go back to your Getto in Masborough you dirty Rat.


    • Nah, just a bigger hypocrit? I thought the only spirit he worshipped came in bottles? In fact he seems to be imbibing a little to often these days, does he think we can’t smell it?


  3. Does he mean his best buddy’s from WEST ward CLLR Jones, Cllr sims and Cllr Fodden.
    Or does he mean his fellow Pakistani councillor the ones he groomed EAST WARD CLLR Tajamal Khan, BOSTAN CASTLE WARD Sagir Alam and Taiba Yaseen.
    It’s amazing he forgot to mention his beloved MISSTRESS CLLR SHABANA AHMED from BRINSWORTH WARD.


  4. He screwed private hire drivers for years in favour of the hackney drivers! This man has no shame. Integrity and honour ? …. pull the other one you low life. Its because of him we have athird rate licensing regime run by the inept. Run as an Independent ? …..not if operation clover get him first. Lol


  5. I see he’s still making a fool of himself when the best thing he can do is shut up!
    & he’s got a clear obsession with the respect party… Well, they are the ones that rammed the dagger into his chest!


    • It was you Jahngir Akhtar who got taxi badges for Sajid Buggry Bostan and his brother Majid Bostan top 10 criminals in Rotherham.
      You even shared the money which Debra Bragg stole form taxi drivers who’s missed appointments.
      What was it £50.00 a time.
      When Debra Bragg made raciest comments you brought her back.
      You would sell your own mother for money.


  6. I am sure people are now investigating…Who had the RMBC codes for invoicing taxi driving vulnerable children from their care homes to be molested? Abused? Just link the codes to the taxi firms, owners and drivers! Then link those to the files presented to SYP by risky business etc..Hey presto you have the beasts. If in doubt DNA the children they fathered with those poor victims! Also, link the survivors stories and statements and records to these animals. Asbo and duck n dive know their days are numbered. Also, the media will return to the British Muslim Youth spokesman to question him on his relatives, close family friends and associates in terms of CSE. Obviously he will denounce them as will local MPs who gladly courted their company and were gladly photographed with them.


  7. It didn’t take long for the Rotherham Taxi Forum to decend into farce. Currently it is being use by Wajid Hussain and co of fast 4s to bully and abuse any driver who doesn’t work at his base, especially A1 drivers. Saw him blustering on Calender a couple of days ago and drivers tell me he’s just another big mouthed version of Sajid Bostan, in it for the lime light.


  8. He certainly made it easy for Shabina to secure the nomination for Catcliffe Ward Councillor in 2012. Now we know the reasons


  9. What silly boy Asbo is. Such is his popularity that I am informed that he is having to fortify his family home to protect himself from the disillusioned who realise the damage he has done. Also to slow down potential raids by the police and Tax authorities.

    He may think he is keeping people out, whereas in fact he is creating his own prison…within a year those who still assist him will have realised he is a busted flush.

    The self deceit is verging on fantasy. Think through his logic….

    A small number of votes for Respect tipped him out of the Council, and because he isn’t there the Council are able to oppress taxi drivers, because of their race.

    Has he forgotten about his role in the catastrophic actions and inactions that led to the imposition of the Commissioners. Actions such as:

    Providing protection for the four brothers, part of his family group, identied in Jay as responsible for multiple cases of child sexual exploitation. With three of them now charged. Has he forgotten Ash and the case of Jessica?

    Constant denial of CSE numbers and its impact upon victims.

    Himself now being investigated for CSE

    Running a mob of taxi drivers as a personal army that has been used to imtimidate competitors.

    His reference to God is blasphemous, coming as it does without sincerity and merely using God to hide his crimes. He is far closer to Dewars/bells and Tesco’s own scotch than he is to God.

    These three tweets from are the last writings from dying rat.



  10. To think, this racist piece of absolute filth was once deputy leader of RMBC, put there by the tribal Labour voters of Rotherham. Is there any wonder we are in the s**t state were are in now and when will these people learn? Inflicting this scum on us year after year, wake up you lot, you know who you are, Rotherham still needs a clean sweep.


  11. I think they should let him represent the drivers, it’s all about power, he still claiming that he can influrence things for the Pakistani community, in particular the Taxi drivers, Commissioner Ney and the council, wanting to clean up this industry, and show the general public, that they are in fact running the show now. I think it was a clever move by the council to allow this meeting tomorrow, shows, even though I think they have already made the decision, that they are prepare to listen to all concern. Once they’ve dispense with this shower, they can plough ahead with the changes.

    If they persist with there foolish blockages, then the full weight of the law can be throw againist them, how many of these drivers will be prepared to lose their licenses for a lost cause?

    Perhaps finally the Pakistani community will realise that the likes of Ahktar and the others, who have disgrace their communtiy for their own ends, have no power, which has been their selling point for years, and it’s time to elected more respectable members of their community.


      • Imagine this scene, there you are, having this meeting between the Commissioner, The council, the Police on one side, and on the other Akhtar, leading this ramble of Tax dodging, illiterate, child abusers.

        Your on the good side, looking at this so call, delusional leader, wondering if that’s the best they could drag up. There really desperate.

        He once was powerful, only because some gutless excuse of a Political party, the council and the Police, masquerading as looking after the interests of the many, not the few. Are so paralyse with the fear of being racists and not being Political correct, are beguile by this charlatan.

        Yet despite his denials, he help a relative in 2001, who was abusing a child, return her to the aurthorities, without sanction, who in 2010 claim CSE was an isolated incident. This same upstanding member of the communtiy, was unaware that several more of his relatives were abusing other little girls. whose associate has now been arrested and charged with numerous counts of abusing children. And what about the others with him, are they part of the infamous 300, waiting there day of justice. Is he one of the councillors, suspected by Police of being a child abuser.



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