Taxi strike counter productive

Over the last couple of days much new information has come to hand to explain what has been happening within the taxi trade and the drivers.

The Rotherham Private Hire Drivers association is revealed to be a rabble run by thugs that doesn’t properly represent the trade nor is it united. The RPHDA is not a genuine members organisation, is fundementally un-democratic and it has many fewer members than it claims! Their entire purpose seems to have been to protect the ill-gotten and fraudulent gains of members, engaged in wrongdoing.

The strike, is ostensibly about the costs of CCTV, and that they will not have control over it.

Why is this an issue? Taxi Drivers won’t be able to under declare earnings and over claim benefits. Nor will they be able to do those ‘lucrative taxi fares’ that involve criminal activity whenever they want to, once the CCTV is installed. That is the real gripe they have! Bullying and thuggery must not be given in to.

It must be remembered that the taxi trade have been shown to be involved in the grooming, child rape, trafficking for the purposes of prostitution, drug trafficking, money laundering the list seems endless, as well as, the widespread Tax evasion and benefit fraud currently occuring!

This cancer of criminality must be expunged from our Town, and we are relying on Commissioner Ney to put a stop to it!

See also: Rotherham taxi drivers warned demonstrations are ‘counter-productive’


15 thoughts on “Taxi strike counter productive

  1. Well said. and the fact that CCTV is for the protection of Taxi driver themselves. They cant get blamed for harassing or touching some customers if they have video…right. I always hear stories of customers making claims against drivers and drivers pleading innocence. maybe, or maybe not they are innocent, at least there would be proof now.


  2. Of course the taxi drivers should pay for it. Who else do they want to pay for the CCTV’s? Why don’t the mosques hold collections to look after their own. As I said before 99% of taxi drivers are complicit because they knew what was happening and yet kept quiet. I seem to remember that a few years ago the Chambers of Commerce had some funds to pay for CCTV for a certain number of taxis. However, it was refused for the very reasons articulated above. I also seem to remember Akhtar was the main force for pulling the plug. The taxi drivers wrath has nothing to do with cost, safety etc – its all do to with the fact that they could be rumbled for benefit fraud. Its simple facts


    • Yes taxi drivers should pay for it because the will own the asset. qhy should mosques do a collection for the taxi drivers. its like saying the church should do a collection for the Dustbin men. 99% taxi drivers are complicit….did you ever go to school. how stupid can you get to make a statement like that. The people that were complicit in this was the police, the local council and the social services.


    • Simple facts that 99% knew and kept quiet? Is that fact or speculation? Can you forward the evidence please? If this is true, wouldn’t it equally apply to 99% of South Yorkshire police?


      • Let get this in prospective here, two reports and numerous others around the country, stating that the Taxi drivers were instrumental in the abuse of little girls. How many Taxi drivers reported criminal activity, involving the rape of children was going on to the Police. Fact or speculation?


  3. Andrew Neil asked Sarah Champion why would the local people vote labour after years of failings…..The answer to that sadly is that Rotherham people are way too stupid to see past Labour. I remember once there was a debate in Wickersley school when I was there in 2011 and it was put to us that voting labour is being unpatriotic. And the general consensus was Labour is an organisation associated with money wasting, war warmongering and of no hope. But yet Rotherham people vote Labour on and on again. While the rest of the country is saving money and building a future, Rotherham is still dealing with its historic shit allowed by Labour. Remember all the people responsible for safeguarding children other than the police were chosen and placed in positions by Labour.


  4. This was sent to me earlier. Astonishingly the combined effect of two taxi strikes and three drive slow protests appears to have worked for them.

    Forwarded message

    As it was announced at the gathering at Herringthorpe fields yesterday,the council with the commissioner are prepared to review the the implementation date of the policy so further,more detailed, discussions can take place. This will be determined at the meeting on Monday the 6th at the town hall. It has been suggested that a longer meeting,or a meeting on another day,is considered so all of our concerns can be discussed.
    There will be a further update after the Mondays meeting and how we move forwards.
    Please pass this message on to others in the trade so they are up to date.
    Thank you.


    • Is it Tariq or Tareq?

      If this group is not legit then why are the council entertaining them?

      If the council changes the rules from the criteria and something else happens that could have been prevented then will these self proclaimed leaders or the council take responsibility?


  5. I was told by Non Asian Taxi drivers that “It was plain to see what was going on… when you drive a taxi for a few years you get to know about what is happening in your cab – but what can we do about it…”


    • If I had been on taxis for 10 or more years then I might have heard stuff or even gotten to know these accused.

      But I’ve only been on 2 1/2 years so I guess i’m just guilty by association eh?


      • No not guilty at all.
        But now knowing did you attend the meeting at Arooj?
        Do you support the the two Tariqs chairing the meeting and are against the CCTV?
        Will you ever associate with any of the people mentioned and proven to be up to no good?


      • Didn’t go to Arooj. Think I dodged a bullet there. But I was going to go originally. I didn’t know Sajid Bostan was going to be there although I didn’t really know who would have turned up until i’d gotten there had I gone I suppose.

        I can’t really associate with Sajid Bostan if he’s about to be sent down can I?

        I don’t support the RPHDA anymore. Not after what I’ve seen this week. Infact i’ve learned a hell of a lot more about the trade i’m in this week and the vast majority of what i’ve discovered isn’t palatable in the slightest.


      • 1) Who elected these representative for RPHDA?
        2) When did they have public meeting for drivers?
        3) where have all the money gone for membership £10.00 per driver per month?
        4) when will they hold election?


    • For the vast majority of taxi drivers it’s not the reason why they don’t want CCTV. But then you read something like a 12 year old having the numbers of 177 different Asian men and then I wonder if I’ve been naive all this time continually bleating out that it was just a minority at it.

      It’s very hard to admit being in denial, sadly.


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