Rotherham abuse victims and families ‘vindicated’ by NCA investigation

From today’s Star:

Rotherham abuse victims and families ‘vindicated’ by NCA investigation

Victims of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal and their families say they feel ‘vindicated’ by the initial findings of a major new investigation which has identified hundreds of possible abusers.

The National Crime Agency has identified around 300 potential suspects in relation to historic sex abuse in Rotherham and agreed with Professor Alexis Jay’s estimate that there were at least 1,400 victims between 1997 and 2013.

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6 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse victims and families ‘vindicated’ by NCA investigation

  1. Lets hope the ones who are in court this week are made to pay for their sickening crimes and lets hope it gives more victims the courage to come forward and tell of their sickening ordeals no matter how old or what sex the victims are as some of us know its not just children or females this has been happening to.


  2. Have you notice that the net is finally falling on these people and there seems to be pattern in who they are arresting. There either been involved in the Taxi industry or associates or family of certain, former Councillors.


    • As an honest taxi driver I hope this investigation finds all the people were involved in these sickening acts. No place for them in our town. No place for them in our society.


  3. Hopefully a few of the local schools will be also investigated and those who also turned a blind eye will also be made to acknowledge there failures and be held responsible fully..
    Most importantly shame on all the rest of our Asian community and the Mosque elders etc etc for allowing these deviants to thrive in your very own communities.
    The truth will be told and you are all to blame… Like it or not..face the facts.


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