the last writings from dying rat?

This was originally left as a comment, too good to miss:

What silly boy Asbo is. Such is his popularity that I am informed that he is having to fortify his family home to protect himself from the disillusioned who realise the damage he has done. Also to slow down potential raids by the police and Tax authorities.

He may think he is keeping people out, whereas in fact he is creating his own prison…within a year those who still assist him will have realised he is a busted flush.

The self deceit is verging on fantasy. Think through his logic….

A small number of votes for Respect tipped him out of the Council, and because he isn’t there the Council are able to oppress taxi drivers, because of their race.

Has he forgotten about his role in the catastrophic actions and inactions that led to the imposition of the Commissioners. Actions such as:

Providing protection for the four brothers, part of his family group, identied in Jay as responsible for multiple cases of child sexual exploitation. With three of them now charged.

Has he forgotten Ash and the case of Jessica?

Constant denial of CSE numbers and its impact upon victims.

Himself now being investigated for CSE

Running a mob of taxi drivers as a personal army that has been used to imtimidate competitors.

His reference to God is blasphemous, coming as it does without sincerity and merely using God to hide his crimes. He is far closer to Dewars/bells and Tesco’s own scotch than he is to God.

These three tweets from are the last writings from dying rat.


A reminder of Jahangir, from happier days:



13 thoughts on “the last writings from dying rat?

  1. Was he not best mates with
    Lordy Nazir
    Qureshi the cultural centre and the one who said to daily mail that all new about CSE including Her.
    Abassi the director of MAARI being paid over 50 grand a year for what.
    And the rest of the gang affiliated goonies.


  2. What’s this crap about “The council able to oppress taxi drivers because of their race”? If all the changes go ahead, Rotherham taxi drivers will have to live like the rest of us AND PAY THEIR TAXES!


  3. “The council able to oppress taxi drivers because of their race”?
    A laughable and stupid remark from a racist and fervent non-integrationist. The taxi and private hire trade is not exclusively non white and remarks like this expose the commentator as an ignoramus.
    Which ‘race’ is he complaining about?

    While the racial features of each ethnic group are not uniform, Pashtuns are the most Caucasoid, followed by Kashmiris, Baluchis, north Punjabis, and then Sindhis, Seraikis, Urdu-speakers (Not of Afghan, Turkic, Persian, Arab origin). The Australoid-Negroid and Mongoloid racial elements are quite infused within the dominant Caucasoid genes among Pakistanis, however there are some that have retained their distinct racial characteristics. The Australoid-Dravidian racial element dominates among the lower caste Indians, South Indians, Eastern and Central Indians. The Caucasoid racial element dominates in Northwest Indians and higher caste Indians. The Mongoloid racial element dominates in Northeast Indians and border regions with China.
    India hosts the world’s largest population of Proto-Australoids. The Austrics of India represent a race of medium height, dark complexion with long heads and rather flat noses. Miscegenation with the earlier Negroids may be the reason for the dark or black pigmentation of the skin and flat noses. The Austrics laid the foundation of Indian civilization. They cultivated rice and vegetables and made sugar from sugarcane. Now these people are found primarily in three countries: India, Papua New Guinea and Australia. Their languages have survived only in the Central and Eastern India.
    The Pakistani population consists of mostly Indo-Aryans. Pakistanis are 70% Caucasoid, 20% Australoid- Negroid, and 10% Mongoloid in their overall genetic composition. Indians are 50% Australoid-Negroid by race, 35% Caucasoid, and 15% Mongoloid in their overall genetic composition.

    The money the Labour government spent on ‘Diversity’ and ‘Integration’ was obviously another complete waste of our taxes given the remarks attributed to the RPHDA “spokesman”.


  4. What Jahangir said in his post is interesting, where are those Muslim councillors that promised to stand up for you when they came knocking on your door asking for your votes?

    Why are the councillors nowhere to be seen while the taxi drivers are being collectively punished for the actions of a tiny minority. I think the Pakistani community are being taken for a ride again by these councillors.


  5. Anonymous, this is not in any way punishing the taxi drivers, this is bringing them in line with the rest of society. Let’s start with fitting CCTV in all cabs, are all the bus drivers in our county being punished, because they ALL have CCTV on their buses? No they are not, this is done for their own and their passengers safety which is exactly why we want to see it in all cabs.
    As I have said previously, they will have to live like the rest of us and PAY THEIR TAXES and stop fiddling our benefits system. I am 72 years of age, worked all my life and STILL pay tax. I don’t own half a dozen properties like many taxi drivers, particularly the leaders of the taxi organisation and I manage to survive. It’s about time these people stopped abusing the rest of us and PLEASE STOP USING THE RACE CARD ALL THE TIME, IT DOESN’T WASH ANY MORE, YOU’VE BEEN FOUND OUT AT LAST!!!


    • If you read my comments carefully about collective punishment, nothing i said is in defence of the Pakistani community but rather specifically to do with the taxi licences (I’m not using the race card). However, I must oppose comments suggesting that Taxi drivers don’t pay their taxes and have additional properties and fiddle the benefits system, if anyone is to make such comments they should be backed by credible evidence.

      The new rules for Taxi Licences is fire fighting a problem which involved a tiny minority. If I was a bus driver i’d be happy to have CCTV in my bus because i’m not covering the costs of purhcaseing the equipment, installation & maintenance.


      • Since Taxi drivers are self employed, which means they are private companies in essence, similar to other transport carriers, who work in the public sector, why shouldn’t they bare the costs. all transporters of the public, now use CCTV, why shouldn’t they.


      • Surely if your self employed and need the equipment to carry out your job you can claim the cost of the equipment under allowable expenses , won’t cost you a penny


      • Anonymous, with regard to their tax fiddling and ownership of property, I think the facts speak for themselves. Akhtar and the rest of the top taxi drivers own multiple properties which they rent out. It’s all there in black and white!
        Don’t forget, these rules only bring Rotherham taxis in line with the rest of the country.


  6. Anonymous where does it fetch the taxi drivers in line with the rest of the country alot of towns and city’s larger. Than Rotherham do not demand CCTV to be fitted and neither do they have to use cars less than 5yrs old so please before making ridiculous claims check your facts the majority of places CCTV is optional I do agree if you have nothing to hide then why refuse to have it installed as far as cars are concerned by the time you have finished paying for one you need to replace it so the driver is never debt free and believe me the job doesn’t pay that much anyways


  7. Annex C of this government’s best practice document:
    is all about the requirements of a diabetic taxi or PHV driver. Since Sugar diabetes is much more prevalent amongst South Asians one wonders how many comply with this,
    The job is certainly not well paid, so it’s a fair question to ask, how come they manage to own so many properties then. When the vast majority of people protesting against the new landlord licencing scheme were Asian taxi drivers, HMRC should be having some of these people in for interview.


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