Rotherham paedophile gangs are still abusing young girls Exclusive

Rotherham paedophile gangs are still abusing young girls Exclusive: Gangs of Asian paedophiles are still preying on underage girls in Rotherham, claims a survivor of the abuse

A survivor of Rotherham’s paedophile gangs claims that child exploitation is still common in the South Yorkshire town.

Sarah Wilson, 23, who was groomed from the age of 11, says that she often sees underage girls socialising with 30-year-old men and that the authorities are still not effectively protecting children from paedophilia.

The scale of sexual abuse in Rotherham was exposed in August 2014, when Professor Alexis Jay’s report revealed that at least 1,400 girls had been abused by predominantly Pakistani-origin men from 1997 to 2013. Despite the national outcry, Ms Wilson says that young victims are still being targeted.

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4 thoughts on “Rotherham paedophile gangs are still abusing young girls Exclusive

  1. Heartbreaking what she has been through, especially the death of her sister. Her mother was extremely brave, something which can’t been said of those in power. But she’s a fighter and I’m glad she standing up and making those abusers frighten now. That Asian who help, should’ve been knighted, show there’s always a guardian angel about, whatever his colour. There time will come. Nothing can be said of the aurthorities , which hasn’t been said before. Even the word shameful is too good a word for them.


  2. the building on selborne st eastwood is the ex britannia public house waiting to be turned into flats and shop (so rmbc say) the place needs knocking down , a hell hole for asb and fly tipping etc.


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