Council Meeting – a couple of questions in need of answers

Yes Labour voted for the new Taxi regulations …with the exception of Showkat Ali, who spoke and apparently voted against the new rules. Showkat has always appreciated the comforts of a taxi.

I’m informed that two LP Councillors declared an interest and therefore didn’t vote.

Which two were they, and if Mirpuri, how did the other two Mirpuri Councillors vote…or did they take the day off?


21 thoughts on “Council Meeting – a couple of questions in need of answers

    • My informants tell me Taiba Yaseen & Shabana Ali are both married to taxi drivers…that leaves Sagir Alam & Tajamal Khan…how did they vote? or were they present…?

      Why do we need to know? Because it should be important to Rotherham people to understand whether councillors are representing us all, or narrow sectional, personal family interests.

      It is unlikely that more than a handful of the majority population would not support the taxi regulation tightening,,,so who are these councillors representing?


      • Sagir Alam agreed with Nay and his fellow colleagues he voted for the new changes within licensing.
        He promised that he will speak for the Asian community.
        It was these taxi drivers that voted for him on selecting him and Taiba Yaseen to represent them for Bostan Castle Ward.
        Sagir and Katari mafia have shown the betrayal of turning there backs on the taxi drivers.


      • Taiba is not married to a taxi driver. She is not married. Her father is a taxi driver spokesman. She is on some disability. Not sure if she voted.

        second disabled councillor saghir alam voted in favour of cctv.

        Now let’s see is Rotherham people vote them back in next year…


  1. in advertiser, councillor ali is embarrassed by councils actions whats all that about ? and why do taxi drivers speak urdu to each other when in public as i witnessed in town other day, cant speak english ?


    • Ali is embarrassed by the councils actions? Odd that, because he’s not at all embarrassed by their previous inaction and misdeeds which led us to where we are now. Still in denial, perhaps? The man is a cretin.


      • And still no word of the investigation, the Labour Party is very slow, what do they know which there not telling the public?


    • That would be because there is no law in speaking to someone else from your culture in your mother tongue.

      Certainly you don’t go on holiday to Malaga with your mates and converse with them in Spanish until your plane touches back down in England.


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