Alexis Jay: ‘Politicians wanted to keep a lid on it’

A timely reminder of the political dimension surrounding the Prof Jay Report:

Alexis Jay on child sex abuse: ‘Politicians wanted to keep a lid on it’

Her devastating Rotherham report blew open the national debate on child sex abuse. Now the ‘retired’ social worker is investigating historic claims on an unprecedented scale, taking on Westminster, the BBC and NHS

2 thoughts on “Alexis Jay: ‘Politicians wanted to keep a lid on it’

  1. The truth hurts but it was necessary and needs addressing by this still inept council led by a person who is a full time union employee this should not be allowed and to say there is no one in the borough capable of doing the job says nmuch about the borough


  2. Much of the reporting around the Jay report said she had accused Rotherham council and police of failing to tackle sexual exploitation because of a misplaced political correctness. Yet Jay, quite deliberately, never used that term. “I have an aversion to phrases like that,” she says. Instead, she believes the Labour-dominated council turned a blind eye to the problem because of “their desire to accommodate a community that would be EXPECTED TO VOTE LABOUR, to not rock the boat, to keep a lid on it, to hope it would go away.
    The above statement from Alexis Jay says it all, What an Astute Lady !!


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