Alexis Jay Star Report – council turned a blind eye

Rotherham councillors ‘tried to keep a lid on grooming scandal’, says Alexis Jay

Rotherham councillors ‘tried to keep a lid’ on the town’s grooming scandal, the professor who revealed the full extent of the problem has said.

Alexis Jay said the Labour-dominated council turned a blind eye to child sexual exploitation issues, partly because it involved offenders from a community ‘expected to vote Labour’.

4 thoughts on “Alexis Jay Star Report – council turned a blind eye

  1. There are still councillors turning a blind eye to what happened over the last 16 yes especially when two previous reports were hidden also the electorate seem to have put the party back in power contrary to the scandal they caused. We have a deputy chairman of the council who on national TV denied the May report there is a lot being kept hidden by this council yet


  2. This is true. This is because the majority Labour councillors only look after themselves. They vote according to their own beliefs and agendas. The community is the last thing on their list. Saghir Alam voting against his own community it not a positive thing. For people that commend him for going against his own community need to think very carefully. Its illogical to have a councillor that does not represent its people. Its the same old thing all over Rotherham Asian Councillors.


  3. Saghir did the right thing as his conscience dictated whilst other asiAn councillors don’t have one, he does represent members of community who want this town cleaned up


  4. Re the comment, Saghir Alam voting against his own community is not a positive thing”. Are you saying Anonymous that he should only represent the Asian community and that the rest of the population who live in the area he represents, he should just ignore their wishes? If this is the case, what a racist remark this is. If the white councillors totally ignored the wishes of the Asian population, I bet you for one would be up in arms and saying, like the rest of you, “These racist white people” or even worse, like the Asian Taxi driver outside the Court house earlier this week who racially abused the “Advertiser” reporter. I thought you were SUPPOSED to integrate into our society. Some chance!


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