CSE progress in Rotherham health services slammed

CSE progress in Rotherham health services slammed as ‘unacceptable’ by watchdog

Progress on child sex exploitation in Rotherham is ‘unacceptable’ and ‘too slow’, says a care watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission has reviewed how effectively health services in the town are protecting children and young people from abuse.

CQC’s deputy chief inspector, Sue McMillan said: “We’re disappointed that despite the intense scrutiny on child protection in Rotherham, services with a key role in child safeguarding are unclear about their responsibilities. While progress has been made, it is too slow and more is required.


1 thought on “CSE progress in Rotherham health services slammed

  1. Health service is not exactly the first point for protection of young children. The first point is family, the school, the local council (social services), the police. I think CQC is trying to pull some funding towards its own agendas. Why is everyone so corrupt. The last time I had anything to do with CQC I think they only had 3 employees. I think they grew by 10 fold when they started to look at nursing homes about 10 years ago….(through funding of course)


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