Summer season of scrutiny one – Advisory Cabinet

Now the summer season is upon us, it is time to do what Rothpol does best, scrutiny.

Starting with the top, the advisory cabinet, surely the most trusted and checked out group of Labour councillors of all? What do readers think? Opinions and information, please leave as comments, or email Rothpol.

Advisory Cabinet

Councillor Chris Read (Chairman)

Councillor Denise Lelliott

Councillor David Roche

Councillor Kath Sims

Councillor Gordon Watson (Vice-Chairman)

11 thoughts on “Summer season of scrutiny one – Advisory Cabinet

  1. The cabinet system imposed on local councils by the Blair is inherently flawed. It seems designed to stifle any alternate point of view. Essentially it is a party leader and his cronies. Not a good model for sound governance.


  2. Plus ca change, plus ca m …………… oh, sod it, I’m losing the will to even bother commenting.

    Crap then, crap now, crap tomorrow.


  3. Some advisory cabinet a chairman who works for a union a deputy chairman who is in denial about the Jay report and is worked by Chris Read to support any thing he says.
    And as for the others I watched the last council meeting and the arrogance is unbelievable if this is the future of rmbc god help us


  4. Gordon Watson or “Mr Watson” as I know him as was a teacher at my school (Maltby Comp). It would not surprise me if he wasn’t Common Purpose trained like the other ‘big guns’ at that school. He comes across as a bit of a Boris Johnson – a nutjob personality that goes down well with voters, but toxic principles lurk behind his eccentric character.

    I remember him denying the Casey report and its findings on Channel 4, but had not actually read it. So why is he Vice Chairman? I thought we were meant to be moving on from this culture of denial. Say no more, Rotherham Council is still twisted.


  5. Let’s get back to the committee system and get rid of the dictatorial, incompetents we have had for years and who have stuck 2 fingers up to the electorate of Rotherham. Perhaps then we can have a consensus of opinion as to how this borough is run.
    In the mean time, I only hope we keep the Commissioners for a good while longer and retain some sense of democracy! At the moment, I think they are worth every penny, making common sense decisions and pushing forward matters which should have been addressed by the elected councillors years ago.
    Stone, Smith, Wright, Littleboy and the others, you all have a lot to answer for you incompetent buffoons.


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