Tata Steel debacle for Rotherham

Unions fight compulsory redundancies at Tata

Over 700 jobs at Tata Steel could go by the end of March, the GMB has revealed – as unions battle to prevent compulsory redundancies.

Dave Hulse, GMB national officer, also warned power costs had to be competitive for intensive users so that “the push for low carbon does not drive heavy industry out of the UK.”


VIDEO: 550 TATA job losses ‘will kill Rotherham’

Union bosses claim plans to cut 550 Tata Steel jobs will ‘kill the town of Rotherham’.

Stuart Sansome, chairman of the multi-union committee at its Thrybergh site, said stopping bar production would leave it a ‘skeleton’ – and called for management to be held to account.


BREAKING: Rotherham MP Sarah Champion says Tata Steel jobs cut is ‘devastating’


Shock as Tata announces 600 Rotherham steel jobs could go

MPs and councillors joined the chorus of shock after steel firm Tata announced hundreds of jobs are under threat at its two Rotherham plants.


11 thoughts on “Tata Steel debacle for Rotherham

  1. The Champion is defeated again…
    Front Page PR is more important than talking COMMON SENSE!!!!
    (To prevent this)

    Rotherham LABOUR Lose again..
    Rotherham the LAUGHING stock of Business


  2. We can all thank New Labour and their “Globalisation” agenda. Jobs go to where wages are lowest. Champion could follow the path of Browne and Blair and go grovel in the City of London with a begging bowl full of promises to work for even lower pay.


  3. Unfortunately this is just the next stage in the death of the British steel industry by a thousand cutbacks over the years. These days you have to be either a world class mass production business or a smaller niche very high quality supplier. Unfortunately Rotherham falls in the middle and has been overrun by high energy costs (thanks to the Green lobby) and overseas competition from low labour cost semi state subsidised steel manufacturers. I hate to say this (being an ex-steel worker) but the town will have to make up its mind to move on and that means upskilling our workforce by a large margin either by training our young people and/or attracting in high skilled people.

    The town is handicapped by the public image of Rotherham – CSE, RMBC and the three stooges – Champion, Barron and Healey.


    • Wasn’t Healey going on about more liberalisation of Trade, through a World agreement. I wonder, as with other New Labour ideas, if he thought it through properly and the consquences to workers and their livelyhoods. Short term gain for the few, long term misery for the many.


  4. You can’t expect any help from Nutkin he let his own pit shut without hardly a murmur, I wonder why the two muppets Heally and Sir Nutkin always push Champion forward? It would seem they never anything to say about what happens in their area, or is it now we have five more years under our belts a 10% pay rise sod the electorate.
    Dave Smith


    • Dave you didn’t work for network rail as planning manager did you…. anyway I work for tata on ad hoc basis. Over the last five years they have gone crazy with safety. Safety this safety that. I think the management is seriously taking the mick and wasting so much money.

      I wonder what’s the situation at Scunthorpe. That’s twice as big. And Rotherham tata is not small. It’s very huge once you get inside


    • Sounds like one of the big steel union leaders, only he gets a half million pound pay off! By the way, his salary was far more than any MP. Oh sorry Dave, this is Union pay, that’s OK then, just like your King Arthur.


  5. Having trained as a Process control engineer at British Steel Rotherham in the early 1980’s, I worked in all the departments across the plant on both the Sheffield and Rotherham side of the plant. One of the biggest mistakes was closing down the largest melting shop in the world on the border of Sheffield and Rotherham called the Spear, which was far better positioned strategically and produced steel in the largest quantities at the cheapest price. At the time this was the largest electric arc melting shop in the world. I can never understand the reason for building Thrybergh bar mill where they did and then moving steel production across to Aldwarke. There were some shocking management decisions in the 70’s and 80’s that the Rotherham steel industry is now paying the price for.


  6. Ask “my King Arthur” who criticised him publicly for taking the NUM to court to pay his bills and pay for the flat in London that was no longer needed. I totally disagree with union full time officials getting paid ridiculously high salaries for doing a part time job, the unpaid union reps are the ones who do the majority of the hard work.
    Dave Smith


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