Union boss walks off with half a million

From today’s Sunday Times:

Union boss walks off with half a million

THE former boss of a union whose lavish perks and expenses have been investigated by the taxman received a pay and benefits package worth £515,000 — more than three times the prime minister’s salary.

720 jobs axed Tata steel in Rotherham where workers, once represented by Michael Leahy, right, have lost their jobsMichael Leahy’s remuneration in 2013 was boosted by a “golden goodbye” payment worth more than £318,000, according to newly published accounts.

His retirement as general secretary of Community, which represents steel workers, followed an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that exposed a regime involving chauffeurs, “self-authorised” expense claims and corporate entertaining at international rugby matches.

Around 2,500 jobs in the British steel industry have been lost in the past four years. Tata Steel last week announced plans to shed 720 posts, most at its plant in Rotherham.

Leahy, 66, who was general secretary of the union and its precursor for 15 years before his departure, was paid a salary of £105,368 during his final year in the role and £34,544 in benefits, according to accounts filed at the Certification Office, which monitors trade union finances. Benefits included payments towards the mortgage on his detached home in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and providing a chauffeur. His package also included £56,392 in national insurance contributions.

The “termination payment” of £318,814 to Leahy, who left school at 15 to work at the Planteg stainless steel works near Pontypool, Gwent, is among the highest recorded for a union boss in recent years.

Leahy had previously been critical of executive pay at the steel giant Corus. When the company announced in 2003 that a bonus scheme for bosses would go ahead despite job losses, he said: “This is another example of fat cats looking after themselves and it must be stopped.”

This weekend, Leahy defended his payoff. “That was the standard package for [a] leaving general secretary. The last three general secretaries before me had basically the same terms,” he said.

“We have saved thousands of jobs. In my period we retrained 30,000 members and put them back to work. I think we have done far more in practical terms than other trade unions to enhance pay and conditions and create job security.”

However, Community attracted the attention of HMRC over its tax liabilities during Leahy’s tenure. In September 2012 the taxman issued an information notice demanding the union hand over documents relating to the pay, perks and expenses of its senior staff.

It wanted to establish whether or not Community had tax liabilities from the use of pool cars, chauffeurs and funds spent on entertaining such as “cricket membership”, rugby hospitality, a Burns supper and other dinners.

HMRC also requested information about “unreceipted expenses” of union officials and Leahy’s “self-authorised” expense claims.

Community supplied some information but was fined £300 for not supplying everything requested. In November 2013 a tax tribunal judge dismissed an appeal from the union against the information notice and fine.

Leahy, a former president of the TUC, said Community had one driver who was available to him and other senior officials, and one pool car. He said union officials would “occasionally” entertain guests at Wales international rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. He described HMRC’s inquiry about cricket membership as “nonsense”.

Leahy said Community had approval from HMRC for officials to claim expenses in the way they did but that “out of the blue” it decided it “wanted to change the rules”.

“HMRC came in and said, ‘No, that is now not appropriate.’ Even though we had sanction to claim expenses in a particular way, they said, ‘No, it’s now not satisfactory, you have got to change it all over again,’” he said, adding that his retirement was not related to the HMRC probe.

Community, which also represents betting shop workers, social care workers, backroom staff in football clubs and staff in the textiles and carpet industries, was established in 2004 and has its roots in the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation. It has donated around £1.8m to the Labour party since 2004.

Leahy is now a member of the Central Arbitration Committee, a governmentappointed body that settles union recognition disputes.

A spokesman for Community said: “All matters between HMRC and Community have been resolved apart from one outstanding issue which relates to honoraria payments to our volunteers.”

24 thoughts on “Union boss walks off with half a million

  1. This man is EXACTLY like Arthur Scargill and other “great???” union leaders, Through his own greed he has put hundreds if not thousands of men out of work. When will you Union people realise what these scumbags are doing to you. They thieve, abuse and pocket thousands of pounds of your money for what?? Their own ends and no one else, you are complete bloody fools for following them and giving them your money.


  2. Anonymous you should rename yourself as monotinous or ignoramus -to try and link Scargill with the endless Daily mail/Sun tory propaganist papers about Scargill. though the tory rags hate all trade union leaders in general. Have these papers ever done a list of all the companies taht exist in britain and their massive credit travel and expenses taht dwarf most trade unionist leaders. But i will admit taht thie Community union does as one writer claims as hypocritical-in fact a two faced son of …..And the label of Scab union for Community union -previously ISTC -which was also Denis Mc Shane’s base for union funding, is not far from the truth.

    But like many who gave fallen for the mass of lies that link Arthur Scargill trying to gain from his office shows both that you lack the ability to check all the facts -surrounding all the allegations about Scargill as being untrue. So get your facts right and I wonder if you are that anonymous guy that wrote recently in the Advertiser-that it was the miners that did it -and the good police of that great untarnished police force of South Yorkshire -had not been the ones- that rioted at Orgreave.


  3. Once again “I don’t believe it”, you are trying to re-write history. Did Scargill, Heathfiled and others not pay his mortgage off using Union funds towards the end of the strike or just after?? Has Scargill not just tried to screw the NUM for even more money, demanding they pay for more of his accommodation??
    King Arthur ripped you all off AND you know it, just won’t admit it!!
    As for Orgreave, only time will tell, but I assure you that IF there is a proper enquiry into what happened on that day, a large number of “miners” and hangers on will be appearing before a Court for justice to be done and seen to be done at last! Don’t think that an enquiry will be just one sided because it won’t, it will also look closely at the actions of the strikers and as I said their hangers on, many of whom had never worked down a pit in their lives.


  4. My dad an ex miner hated the unions by the end. when he was picketing and struggling in the strikes he saw union men with money for those on those picketing peeling off notes and ticking off names of people that weren’t at the pickets. He had it on pretty good authority that union men were pocketing the cash alls the while being paid.


    • It seems our once proud Socialists have remodel themselves on the fat cats of the city. Even worse, doing less than those scabs.


  5. So there you go “I don’t believe it”, straight from the horses mouth, even ex miners have seen through these thieving bas***ds. It’s extreme lefties like you who are monotonous and you certainly are an ignoramus with your narrow, blinkered view. Scargill and his followers like you thought you could force the country into doing what you wanted and pay you what you demanded, using thuggery and rent-a-mob tactics which failed miserably. Thank God it did as we can now live in a democratic society and not one run by a communist dictator and his lackeys holding the country to ransom at every end and turn.


    • Was Arthur Scargill born in Mirpur or something? It’s just that i’ve heard the words ‘thuggery’ and ‘rent-a-mob’ used to describe some of my Kashmiri born taxi driving colleagues recently and wondered if Scargill was born there too 😃😃😃😃


  6. Some democracy massive cuts to working benefits, without trade unions we would still be back in the dark ages. No wonder you stay anonymous with you unfounded and ill informed comments. Who do you think got the improvement to working conditions and pay, not people like you but hard working trade union activists.
    Dave smith


  7. Quite right Dave BUT, when it comes to gangs of thugs and bully boys marauding round our streets, beating up men who want to work AND THEIR FAMILIES, it’s a bit beyond what the Unions were started up for. Also, when it comes to the leaders of those Unions being paid more than the Prime Minister and many others with far more responsibility, I find it beyond belief that people like you, who I know to be quite intelligent, follow them blindly.
    By the way, the massive cuts in benefits you scream about means that those on benefits still receive far more per month than I do after working all my life and not collecting a penny off the state until I started drawing my pension which I have paid for. Dave, I think it is you who is ill informed or are you just so blinkered against this government who are only putting right what Brown and Blair did to the economics of this country otherwise we go the same way as Greece.


  8. Well Anonymous you accuse Dave Smith of being blinkered-and your claim that we live in a democracy-certainly shows that you are more opinionated and hatret for trade unions and possibly your own class

    You jump on the bandwagon from Bransley comments -that seem to be stated genuinely and coming from his father. I nor anyone I know have ever claimed that we on the LEFT do not have any rogues or selfish greedy sort-who would pocket monies given genuinely from public. But the Barnsley lad identified some local and hearsay about local leaders and hearsay about the national leaders -which was a major part of the strategy of the Con servatives during the miners strike of 1984/85 and many other strikes. In fact they have always attempted to poison the publics mind towards trade unionsits and their leadership. The sad thing is that so many people like you fall for all the negative towards your class leaders. I bet you think Thatcher was great -and Blair and now Cameron. Your own blinkered hatret for the union leaders and trade unionist -as you go onto claim that they trade unionists are wrong or all blinkered-and therefore on the wrong side.-and being fooled by their leaders-where someone as wise as you do not fall for the trade union leaders bumph. You woulde rather fall for your calss enemies bumph and propaganda.

    But your blinkerdness and your vile does not produce one shred of evidence. I will give you your due -you ask the pertinent questions about Peter Heathfield and Scargill-re their mortgages and go onto claim that Scargill tries to screw more money out of the union -exactly as the Tory press and the Cooke programme claimed during the strike and even 30 years on Look North produce a programme fronted by Dan johnstone a BBC reporter -which all of his allegations about Scargill regurgitated from the propaganda of the strike and some more recent -were all – I restate all -based on innuendos-not one shred of evidence.

    And none of your adnosium accusation have never been proven and in fact rejected by two enquiries. -one a judicial enquiry.
    But this will not be good for someone like you that really just hate trade unionist and i expect any notion of socialism or Labour Party-which by the way in case you do not like it – Labour constitution identifies it as a socialist party(even though it does not carry out true socialsit policies)

    .Besides the mass of the Tory newspapers and the bias of BBc and most other TV stations are challenged by the workers representatives-trade unionist in Journalism- in their own organisations and who will dislike having to be challenged -and therefore dislike trade unionists.
    But you seem to adore thsoe in charge and dislike the notion of trade unionism and people like towards the same characters that you pour such vile -seem to have swollowed the distortions and lies about the demon that Scargill was made out to be during and post the strike-hook line and sinker. But your sort just seem to be the sort that the Tory press love.

    The issue of trying to screw more money for rent for Arthur -you also get totally wrong. But then someone who just hates and wants to believe that we are a democracy -and as Dave Smith highlights -if you think this is a democracy-with the attack on your class-though you left that class a long time ago-and your sort -the Uncle Tom’s that swollow all the distortions frrom your arch enemy the Tory toffs or the middle class business tories just love your sort

    . No wonder they can use the anti scottish streotypoe and prejudice taht prevails-to win the last election-as well as the faiilure for Labour being more upfront and less bland about what they truely stand for-and it is not as you ahve swolled -taht all those trade unionist are evil horrible blimkered people-who should just sit down and take the kicking. You seem to be the sort that wants to live with a one sided view of history and believe that Tories are nice people -even though Therisa May identified that many saw them as a nasty party. Read abook by Willhenm Reich titled Little Man -Big Man you may begin to comprehend characteristics like yours.

    You also claim that you have never claimed until you entered pension age and infer you are ok. Well you would not have a pension if it had not been for trade unions-or proper holidays-and sickness or uunemployment. You would not have had an NHS nor council houses-which were all fought for by early trade unionist and their leaders-those working class that you hate so much. So stay blinkered and keep to your norrow and unproven accusations to those -who where i have already stated – there were and possbly still are some rogues of trade union leaders at local and national levels -and the rewards for cow towing to the bosses agenda -and i note you ahve never mentioned the total corruption at the top and throughout this whole capitalist sytem and most leaders of business run corrupt enterprises as been proven over the recently and since this robber barons started to exploit and rob their workforce since calitalsim began. Also over the last 40 years most businesses have come under scrutiny -why elese would a programme Rip Off Britain ever exist. For example Supermarkets -fixing prices -overcharging as most businesses do-so maybe a few trade union leaders -but Anonymous not Peter Heathfield Arthur Scargill -who also had the vile press try and scare the british public with the vile about him having a link to Lybia and monies. This was one of the biggest lies by your adored business and tories that was also disproven. Because if you want to cow tow to this corrupt system -you can be like Bill Sirs leader of ISTC who wanted his surname to be his first name.

    Anonymous you are the one that is blinkered-but worse still you left your class a long time ago and have swolled their distortions-and there are so many others that have fallen for the anti trade union stance that is and has been promoted in this society and others-this can only mean that you are a conservative underneath-and anti your class-enjoy your individualistic blinkerd rest of your life.


  9. “I don’t believe it”, after reading this diatribe and sorting out all the spelling mistakes, errors and crap, I do get the gist of this load of bo****ks. If you read my response to Dave Smith’s post, I agree that the Unions have done a great job in the past and along with my father, I was a Labour supporter. BUT the violence and bullying during the miners strike was absolutely unacceptable and criminal and many people lost their faith in the unions, particularly the NUM.
    You can protect Scargill all you want with your completely blinkered view but I faced this piece of excrement during the steel strike a few years before the miners strike. He came with his rent-a-mob of bully boys, many of whom I don’t believe had ever worked down a pit, and just smashed and hit anything that got in his way. In those days the police were not equipped with riot gear and Scargills mob armed with pick axe handles and clubs caused a mass of injuries to both the police and the steel workers.
    By the way, I have never mentioned Lybia or the Polish miners where it is alleged a load of money came from to support the strike. How much of that saw the pockets of striking miners?? Not a lot!
    You can read all the books you want written by the communist idealists but the facts speak for themselves.
    Oh, I forgot, it’s only the big bad Tory’s who are telling lies, not that nice, quiet, innocent Mr Scargill, and I really think you believe that!! Thick or what??


  10. Anonymous -once again all innuendo -no real fact or whether what you are saying can be proved. You really are a bigot and it must be really awkward to be in the company of a know it all-that states and regurgitates-utter opinion and bias. It is also a trait that you have to lower yourself further than your norrow mind is already in-by having slieghts against- individual spelling errors etc. You have failed on several occassions to offer proof-yes you state you encountered-some bully boy tactics -laid as you claim by Scargill-and it was the violence that did it M’lord-as you have proven that you are a whinger and you never address where you get all your notions about the evil horrible miners and trade unionists in general. Are you a Sun -Mail or Express reader? Of course the majority of people now have more awareness who rioted that day at Orgreave-and also how the police force you still try and defend has turned out to have some rotten pores in its leadership and culture-hence Hilsborough and Orgreave are up for scrutiny.

    You have failed to respond to the whole issue that you began your diatribe against trade union leaders-you have not addressed your -unequivical accusations about Scargill and Heathfield once you are challenged with facts of enquiries which exhonorated them on such vile accusations.

    Also- when you are challenged with some facts and evidence that challenges your bigoted and norrow view of trade unionists and their leaders-and possibly your whole class -you crawl into your sniping and whinging state-and start snide personalising of issues. You are not worth having a discussion with as your all bile and pure vomit on reality of isssues that have shaped the history of your class -that you fail to only see from your norrow bigoted mindset-will prove your up your own proverbial-and maybe that is where you will remain.


  11. “I don’t believe it” don’t you think it’s time your prised that hammer and sickle off your front door? Even the Chinese and Russians have stopped being so bigoted as you and realise that communism just doesn’t work. In the way you write it is obvious you believe in the bully boy tactics of communism but like them, ONLY when you are in large numbers. I bet one to one you are like a little mouse.
    I bet I have seen more of life than you have ever done in your life and I have formed the opinion over the 72 years I have been on this earth, that in all politics there is dishonesty and corruption but time has proved that the left wing are far more corrupt and dishonest than the rest, mainly because of the actions of the unions who have dictated the policy of Labour for years
    Also the total incompetence of the last Labour government has proved beyond ANY doubt that they are not fit to run the country. They brought this Country to its knees financially after gaining power from one of the best Conservative governments we have had for many decades. You know, the one lead by the best Prime Minister this Country has had since Sir Winston Churchill, yes, Margaret Thatcher!
    Goodness, I’m not allowed to say that to you am I, it’s almost like being racist or is it worse?
    By the way, I remember rightly, the judicial review you mention into the allegations made against Scargill was in fact a “so called” independent enquiry by a barrister, who incidentally was engaged by Scargill himself. Very independent and very open and honest. NOT!


  12. “I don’t believe it” I’ve just re-read you above diatribe. You call me a bigot and it must be hard for people to listen to me regurgitate my opinion and bias. Well we have all had to read you communistic views, opinion and bias in the last two posts from you and your bias against anything not communistic is unbelievable. I have never read such unadulterated crap in all my life, I thought Stalin was dead but he has obviously been reincarnated in YOU!
    Need Britain tremble. Certainly, if idiots like you ever take power.


  13. Anonymous once again -Not one shred of evidence- besides the historic switch by Russia and China towards capitalisitic economic system-but still no shred of evidence- just bile against someone -in your blinkered hatret of any other attempt at running a country’s economy other than through capitalism. But again your norrow blinkered bile -and typical of someone who cannot sustain a rationale discussion with some factual evidence-you start to namecall- A whinger and someone who is as already claimed -up his own proverbial.

    But because most of what you pour out is snippits and hearsay and your own regurgiatted bile from Tory press-as you do not seem to be able to produce main facts and substance -or address any questions put to you -which you continuosly avoid answering.
    So here are more facts taht will bust your self assertions. In your fascination with all that is capitalism and all you hate socialsim or even more communism-I bet you are not aware of a poll carried out in Moscow in 1995 10 years after the fall of Communism -where over 75% of Moscovites wanted to return to communism rather than the gangster capitalism brought on by a drunken Yeltsin-and what we saw in Russia throughout Teltsins time was the mass thuggery of gangsters been given the properties nad factories of communism. We also saw a show of what capitalism is really about and our western capitalism with their pan faces and sinister smiles in suits and ties are just as criminal -and it seems that is the type iof society you prefer. No mention of tax havens in your messages or you do not dare to tackle the horrific subordination and exploitation with its daily fear, that most workers live through. You would rather come out again with your vile bile of blinkerd bigotry and hate. But also you never ever address any of the questions put to you.

    Like -are you a reader of the SUn -Mail or Express? Why do you not answer a basic question -maybe its because some of us Lefties know the kind of purile mindset that regurgiates the same type of story lines that these paper produce on a daly basis taht asist the likes of gullible people like you. These papers represent the vile that is a class biased -that in order to run the country -then all you need to do is spread bile about immigrants -trade unions -any individual like Scargill etc -because they are performing a vital role for the other businesses in our country and also doing the job of main mouth piece propaganda for CON servatives in this country. Remain in your Tory closet and stop trying to portray yourself as any working class hero -as that is one thing Uncle Toms’ can never be.


    • You forget one thing “I don’t believe it”, I WAS THERE!! I faced that pile of excrement Scargill and his mob of thugs. What more proof do you want you stupid, communist pillock and that’s being polite.
      I’ll say this once again, Need Britain tremble if idiotic stupid, mindless, thuggish imbeciles like you EVER take power? Yes it does!
      Scargill had only one agenda during the miners strike and that was to de-stabilise this country using the miners a gun fodder. Using people like you stupid enough to follow him and pouring money into his pocket!


  14. Anonymous what level do you want to sink to? What level of aggression and attempts at insult and bully your way out of a discussion. And you call me a ‘stupis communist pillock-and thats being polite’ So you have even lower depths taht you can descend to if you cannot produce any clear factual evidence on your mindset. Because if you can onky say that ‘I was there’ and most others who were there can prove it was the police that rioted nad orchestrated the bashing of the working class that day -for daring to challenge the other classes. It was a clear show of strength and punishment to send out a message to other workers who dare challenge the corrupt businesses who screw most workers every single day and you decide to be on their side rather than your own class.
    So what was Thatcher’s and Con servatives agenda-and the fact that you lack facts has now turned into crude -aggressive diatribe -because you are being challenged to produce facts-and the fact that you were there and you have swolled the blame to Scargill only. Most of those miners who were there -have claimed the rioters were the police that day-and -your nastiness is now reveal -as you turn to agressive -and call a person who has merely identified that what you are claiming -is without fact and even when confronted that two enquiries -one a legal enquiry -into your inital -unproven bile re Scargill and Heathfield-was proven not to be true.

    Still you are the one that gets angry and bullish with vile -and then call Lefties aggressive and thugish. You couldn’t make it up -though you just have proven who is the ‘thuggish imbecile’ -and a stupid cow towing – aggressive -and nasty person -when someone challenges you to produce evidence about your utter -Daily mail -Sun views of history -and then turn to abuse.

    Most people with a brain can see that they are merely mouthpieces for the class that has always shit on the other classes -especially the working class since time immemorial. So if you are a tory then fine but do not hide behind -the view of history taht you have come to accept-which is the Tory view. Why can you not see that if there werer not different views you would have a dictatorship-iand the LEft and Right (more the latter) have and still are producing societies that are under the iron fist. BUt mind you most are right wing -Conservative -which is next door to fascism So someone who gets angry and aggressive when challenged -shows that the one getting angry has run out of any willingness to check their -so called facts-for any reliability. Maybe its because if the Lefts factual history -might actually prove that these -so called thuggish commies might actually have a basis of truth in their long battle to seek a fairer society.

    I believe you need to clean your rose tinted glasses or just throw them away-you might actually see something other than your vile against some other ideas that would not allow other classes to shite on others.Or if you enjoy the role of doffing the cap -then at least have the honesty to state that is where you feel comfortable.


  15. Dear “I don’t believe it” or should I call you Joe (Stalin), despot, murderer, communist dictator! In one of your earlier diatribes you stated that in a poll, 75% of Moscovites wanted to return to communist, why? Because these downtrodden people didn’t know any difference having been so oppressed in then past. They were half starved and kept with NOTHING during the Stalinist era.
    One cannot argue with a communist idiot like you and its because of people like you who vote for any left wing party that we have been lumbered for decades with the useless, incompetent, idiots known as RMBC Labour Group. Thanks very much for that.
    You accuse me of being the aggressor when in fact it is you who posts such stupid communist bile with all the aggression and violence which goes with it. God help us!


  16. You are like an article that I read in the Daily Mail-probably where you get your bile from that identified an ex commnist and historian -who revealed the atrocities of Stalin. And most people I know would agree that Joseph Stalin did turn out to be a paranoid leader and carried out horrific attrocities.

    But then I thought -that we are in the year of 2015 -70 years since world war 2 where the Russians actullly knew the evil of fascist Germany and Italy along with Japan-and actually made the deepest sacrifice of a population to defeat Hitlers horrific fascism. In case you ahve forgotten the figures it was 26 million taht died defeating the fascists. So why is the Daily Mail regurgitating only the Stalins attrocities. When has the daily Mail during this year done as intricate analysis of Fascism. -and then I realsie that they did do a coverage of it -butalike you they only did it from an anti communist view.Also it also came to me that the Daily Mail supported fascism. Also they tried to do a hatchet job on Ed Miliband -as his father was an academic that analysed capitalist states. But you never ever try and look to your own sides attrocities and they can be multiplied by a million compared with capitalisms.

    You have a similar norrow mindset and have a psychopathitic hate for one side of horror but not the most hateful ideology on this planet -namely fascism. Your -name calling -and school playground tactic of always sidestepping facts on issues -and your failure to see the attrocities of the other side-namely capitalism and all the Con servative political parties that are currently in power -and who supported Balirs illegal wars =which has ended up in millions being murdered /killed, and many more whose life’s have been detroyed for the control of oil-and your pettiness – think that the unions are the problem. USA has been at war i70 years of its 186 years existance. can i hear any criticism from anorrow minded right winger.

    Well it’s your type that is the problem and your total lack of actual facts on most of the issues you have raised-and only identifying your vile against the Left. I refuse to have any furher duiscussions with someone who is like a petulent childlike in his vile. When will you stop hating the people who got council houses-the NHS that you were born in-the education that you received-and the benefit system through National Insurance that you could fall back on hard times-and stop your a**e licking those that just use the masses and print them daily for Fools like you.. The Tories have backtracked on major parts of their manifesto within weeks of being elected-and you are certainly a tory or even aUkkipper- so at least stop pretending you are not-and you are part of what the old miners that i have spoken to -who claim that Tories are ‘bent as butchers hooks’

    And you probably have ended up hating the wrong side and are the cause of the mass poverty now being imposed on the mass of the working class. But as you are a self centred -‘iv done good all my life’ and have decided the left are the enemy -merely means that you -swollowed hook line and sinker -your class enemies explanation of the world -and it’s your type that have been fooled and the rest of us have to suffer -as they saying goes -fools gladly’. But it ain’t gladly. Your not worth time and effort in anyone attempting to offer a wider -explanation -but to a closed mind. Your mind is full of hate and taht is actually the type of mind Hitler played on -and it is possible you hate all the progress of Sex Discrimination Act –The Race relationship Act etc.


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