News of a CSE related FOI

I have been very interested reading your blog and discovering news in relation to the Rotherham grooming scandal that isn’t generally reported in the wider press. Really is an excellent site.

I have been attempting to establish whether or not Rotherham council have a tough new approach to CSE. Sadly, they are still found to be wanting.

I thought you might be interested in the FOI request below which shows not only the continual rise of incidences of CSE, but also the abject failure of the council to monitor cases correctly. According to their response, they have no way of knowing how many new cases of CSE involving on street or group grooming there are without doing a manual search of paper records. The result being they have zero comprehension of the current situation and no way of knowing to what extent the serious problem persists. I would have expected them to know how many cases there were on a day by day basis.

In case you or your readership are interested in these findings, the FOI request can be seen here..

R. Fairweather

4 thoughts on “News of a CSE related FOI

  1. Well, nothing new there then – other than, it was notable how RMBC didn’t advice the FOI enquirer how much it had cost to compile its response. Er, unlike their attitude to residents of the borough.


  2. The FoI response from RMBC says it all:
    They are clueless and hopeless and what has been paraded to the general public and the press so far about ‘Lessons have been learned’ and ‘Moving on’ is just window dressing IMV.
    Why has’nt Read and his bedmate Hoddinot introduced a computerised central register where everything and everybody connected to and with CSE is recorded and updated?
    It is’nt rocket science but as usual within the cosy bubble these so called leaders operate within nobody wants to take responsibility.
    No change there.


  3. The commissioners have stated that the computer system used by social workers etc is not fit for purpose, just like the rest of the council. I would expect that now this has been identified some thing will be done?
    Dave Smith


  4. They should just do it all on Facebook instead…I’m sure that would be a safer way of keeping important docs and records.. Wtf are we paying our taxes for ?


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