BBC – Rotherham children ‘still at risk’

Rotherham children ‘still at risk’

 The police force at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal still needs to make “major improvements” to some child protection procedures, a report finds.

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4 thoughts on “BBC – Rotherham children ‘still at risk’

  1. “limited understanding”, “Officers failed to identify young men who were sexually abusing girls”, “recording practices remained poor”.

    I was just wondering – has anyone been disciplined or sacked for these historic and continued failings?


    • No, is the answer to that one Trambuster, despite our esteemed Chief Constable going on the record and saying that “If people have done things wrong they will be disciplined”. But there again, the IPCC is still investigating, so it might take a while.

      What gets me is that we have been constantly told that SYP are in a very different place now than they were prior to Jay, that lessons have been learned, that improvements have been made, blah blah blah. This report suggests otherwise. Messers Crompton and Billings might want to consider their positions?


  2. I watched this report on sky what appalled me was the attitude of Sarah champion it may be happening elsewhere but Rotherham is our concern and we have heard nothing from our Labour MP’s. It beggars belief that rmbc can still be so arrogant and in denial the commissioners need to be more stringent with this council


  3. If there’s one thing poeple have learnt from this sorry episode, is that when a Police Person, Council official, Councillor or Politican, claims things are improving, there usually lying through their teeth. Clearly the people running the response to CSE are totally incapable and should be replace, immediately. We can’t afford any more delays, as that means more children will suffer.


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