John sure knows how to pick ’em!

Have we found another example of John Healey’s poor judgement, with his public support for the Kin Kids charitable group, founded by Karen MacGregor and based in Swinton Ward, in his constituency?

The first example of his dubious judgement, was in the Shaun Wright case. It emerged John Healey, unique among his peers, sent Shaun Wright an email of support.

Has he made a similar lapse of Judgement in the clear association with Karen MacGregor, already facing serious charges at the Crown Court, who was additionally charged yesterday with conspiracy to rape?

Read this page on John Healey’s official website, to make your own mind up?

JH KM 21_07_2015

Image full size for clarity:

No 1.











Acoustic Rotherham:

Slamfest 21_07_2015

4 thoughts on “John sure knows how to pick ’em!

  1. Peepoor judgement on display? Didn’t Karen MacGregor get 13 years, for her part in the sexual abuse of our children? Remember a couple more of his close friends, Shaun Wright and Paul Lakin?


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