Read it yourself – the HMIC Report

South Yorkshire – National Child Protection Inspection post inspection review


Protecting children is one of the most important tasks the police undertake. Only the police can investigate suspected crimes, arrest perpetrators and monitor sex offenders. Police officers have the power to take a child who is in danger into a place of safety, or to seek an order to restrict an offender’s contact with children. The police service also has a significant role working with other agencies to ensure the child’s protection and well-being, longer term.

4 thoughts on “Read it yourself – the HMIC Report

  1. Crompton had his chance, he’s clearly incapable to leading a serious response to the crisis of CSE, it’s time for him and the other buffoons, calling themselves management, to go. And while we’re clearing out the deadwood, dispense with Billings and his organisation and pump the money into Child protection.


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