Vox Political ~ Labour’s roll call of shame

These are the Labour MPs who ran away when their constituents needed them

This is a roll call of shame.

The Conservative Party has launched yet another attack on the poor, the disabled and the disadvantaged in the UK and – rather than stand up for those people – all but 48 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party just stood aside and let it happen.



7 thoughts on “Vox Political ~ Labour’s roll call of shame

  1. Quelle Surprise!
    Barron,Champion and Healey followed the Temporary Leader’s orders while Corbyn stood by his principles and beliefs.
    It is disingenuous of Harman and Co.to say they will put forward amendments and fight this bill at the third reading. Horse. Stable Door. Bolt.


  2. Oh and there are the Barnsley two. Not surprised at Michael Dugher he has always said one thing and done the opposite, a greasy pole climber. Dan Jarvis however I’m extremely disappointed in


  3. Not just Barnsley or Brother Valley mp’s but the Doncaster one’s as well also prospective leaders shows just what they think of their constituents. Yet people around this area vote them in time after time no matter what they do to them or their children when will they learn, in the sky report Sarah Champion said about cse in different areas the area we are bothered about is our own area. But considering the cover up about dolphin house and the alleged abuse in and around Westminster what can we expect from our MP,s who are supposed to represent us


  4. Ever thought they may think it is the RIGHT thing to do? After all it was Gordon Brown who nearly bankrupted this country and brought it to its knees financially. Something HAS to be done!!


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