Aylesbury too!

Aylesbury child sex abuse trial: Six men found guilty

Six men involved in a child sex ring in Aylesbury have been found guilty of abusing two schoolgirls.

The Old Bailey heard the abuse went on for years on a “massive scale”.

Eleven defendants faced trial, accused of 47 sexual offences between 2006 and 2012.


7 thoughts on “Aylesbury too!

  1. Why the surprise, we’ve known for a long time it couldn’t possiable just been happening in Rotherham. The MO for this type of crime is simple. Pakistani population, incompetent Social service failing to connect the dots, Child Protection agencies. Bernado’s oblivious to what CSE is, a Police force who couldn’t give a damn. No doubt there will be Labour councillors and MP’s , turning a blind eye for votes. What as the PC clowns got to say now?


        • Will address your second point later, Rik.
          Doesn’t sound like censorship to me, but an intention to deal in detail with your point.
          To speed the process you could always start us off, please type your contribution in to the body of an email and send it to me, Rik.


  2. Six men charged with 47 offences. Akthar’s relative Ash is,
    alone facing 48 offences and the NCA say they have a further 300 suspects!


  3. I like nonsense verse and Limericks and wrote this some years ago about a nearby borough:

    A paedophile and a wife beater
    With a whore, a thief and a cheater
    Once ran a great borough
    Their corruption was thorough
    For folly there’s been nothing neater


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