Labour suspension lifted – Ann Russell

Labour councillor’s suspension in wake of Rotherham scandal lifted

One of the four Rotherham councillors suspended by Labour in the wake of the child sexual exploitation scandal has been reinstated into the party.

Councillor Gwendoline Ann Russell, who has been a member of Rotherham Council since 1998, has had her suspension lifted this afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Labour suspension lifted – Ann Russell

  1. I have a brill idea, lest suspend some of our Members over the CSE issue, leave them suspended for ages, so every one will forget all about them. When the opposition asks about their status in the Party, we will just tell everyone its an internal matter (so mind your own business) Then quietly reinstate them, one by one, so that there will be no out cry.
    The plan is working, cos no one is putting the party under pressure. Someone should be asking the question at every Council Meeting.
    Labour still up to their old tricks, and will continue to do so, because no one is challenging them. Unless some “noise” starts to raise up, I predict a landslide for Labour in next years elections.


    • Sad as it may be a Labour “landslide” is a foregone conclusion in Rotherham anyway Stuart, you only need to look at this years election results to see that. Donkeys and red rosettes, and all that.


  2. Anne is a good woman and she has worked tirelessly in the background without due recognition for health and social care.
    A thorough investigation has been done. No wrongdoing on her part, unlike many others.
    In Great Britain we dont keep in suspension those who are found not to be in the wrong.
    Great to see this lady back for the people. She is a good woman


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