Litter and fly tipping in S25 Dinnington and Anston Rotherham borough Britain

Another ignored problem

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I am getting a little miffed off with the amount of litter I see dumped on the streets and hedge rows of Britain.  There is a small minority of people making our life’s a misery with their anti social behaviour.

This is a video I took last night around Dinnington, I could have found a thousand more cases of this in the village, but this goes no where near showing the scale of this anti social beahviour.

This is an area of land in Dinnington, it used to be allotments and has now become a fly tipping area.   The council will do nothing about it as it is a private land, but without their help the allotment holders are in a lose lose position.  However the council have a public footpath through this area and should ensure rubbish and fly tipping on it is cleared.

As I have…

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16 thoughts on “Litter and fly tipping in S25 Dinnington and Anston Rotherham borough Britain

  1. Rik thanks for the re blog. I don’t think this is just constrained to deprived areas of Dinnington, I have found the same issue across Anston. When driving into Rotherham down Royds Moor, there is miles of rubbish in hedge rows. It was shocking when I walked from Sheffield city centre to Nether Edge. Has anybody any ideas how we tackle this issue? Kevin Barron ignored my initial approach and I have just delivered a copy of the letter personally to him that I have sent onto David Cameron. My next approach is to contact all the local schools to ask for help. There is no good a group of us picking litter up, without a plan to penalise and educate. It would be interesting to hear Regular readers view on this?


  2. think you have hit the nail on the head , penalise ,enforcement is the key rmbc lack in this department or should i say community protection do you can spend all day litter picking for it to come back the next day just what has happened to the litter law you what to go into eastwood, phew .


  3. Trambuster. There were laws to protect those effected by CSE, but they weren’t enforced, because it wasn’t politically correct. We have a similar issue with waste being dumped, it goes against peoples human rights, in the welfare dependency culture New Labour created.


  4. Have you ever followed one of RMBC’s bin wagons on collection day? I have and one day in Gildingwells, I watched as loads of litter came out of the back, blowing all over the lane leading to the village and found at least 6 empty beer cans rolling down the road behind the wagon. When I remonstrated with the man in charge of the vehicle, all I got was abuse. When I complained to the powers that be, I was told it was the design of the bin wagons which allowed paper to be blown out of the back!! Did it allow the tin cans to roll out of the back too?
    I agree there is a great amount of litter just thrown out of cars, particularly fast food waste but I still think we should start with the council operatives who do not care a jot about how much waste is blown out of their vehicles.


    • The pictures I took in Dinnington was most likely thrown down by people. I agree that some of the rubbish in the hedgerows could be from bin lorries, especially on the way to Rotherham.


  5. Tim Wells as usual gets his facts wrong or should I say what he doesn’t know he makes up. We as a council are dealing with this it is private land and we are in negotiations with the owners. He has lived he two minutes and has no idea what he is talking about, I suggest until he actually has all the facts he should not be putting false accusations on here.
    Dave Smith
    Chair of Dinnington Town Council


  6. Dave How many years have you lived on this rd?, if it is 10/20 years I would be a little embarrassed if I was you. I came down to the meeting when the allotments were going to be discussed, one poor guy (Peter) has spent money on trying to clear his allotment up and it is just as bad as before, none of the other owners turned up. I understand notice orders to fence off and clear up the six sites were served many months ago, but nothing has moved forward, they just look as bad as before and fly tipping continues. Yes the land could be fenced off (where is the Town or Borough council going to get the money to do that) and made into a community allotment and garden, if the land owners aren’t looking to profit out of this land in the future, because the issue with the drains could be got around (there is always a way if the profit is there). Who do you think put the idea into the allotment holders head (Peter) about it being a community project, I told him to contact you. There is also a strip of land down the side of my house that was being dumped on, after talking to Street pride and the school it looks like the school fence has been wrongly placed and should have covered this land, this has been confirmed by the chap who grew up in my house 40 years ago, who is a family friend. This issue will have to be resolved before the school becomes an academy and their solicitor etc is resolving. I am also talking to footpaths about signing the footpath through the allotment sites better and cleaning it up, this should be done on a regularly basis and would start to put the right pictures into peoples heads on how we want the who site to look. I don’t have to be on a town council to be an active member of my community and you word isn’t gospel to me its your opinion. Not bad for some body who has only been here two minutes. Regards Tim


  7. Oh Dave, Don’t tell me a bit of power has gone to your head too. Town Councilors seem to be bitten by the same bug once elected. ( Abandon hope all ye who enter here should be on the door post of RMBC.) and others like em !


  8. The original post makes a good point, but I don’t think this is just a local issue. There should be some lovely walks/bike rides in the Rotherham area, but they are spoilt by the amount of litter along the roadsides and the waste dumped in every lay-by and gateway. There are two problems- people throwing things like fast food bags and trays out of their cars, or just dropping them on the floor if they’ve stopped to eat them. I was walking near Shireoaks recently, and someone had obviously parked in a farm gateway with their friends, leaving empty wine bottles and fast food cartons scattered around. It took all the pleasure out of the walk. The second problem is fly tipping, which we’re all familiar with, I’m sure – black bags full of waste or rubble from house and garden projects. It’s impossible to enjoy the countryside now – everyone I’ve spoken to has the impression that this kind of behaviour has become much worse over the last few years. What kind of people can do this, sh*****g in their own nest?
    I don’t know what the solution is, and as I said, it’s not just a local problem, there seems to be a group of people in this country who just don’t care about how their actions affect anyone else. Putting small CCTV cameras at all the well-known dump sites might help. I don’t see how Streetpride can keep up with all this, but I wish some effort could be made to clear up the rural roads around Rotherham.


  9. Just read RMBC’s page on Streetpride. It reads rather like what one would read in Russia under communism. Encourage ordinary people to snitch on their neighbors for every real or perceived offense.. The end result is no one knows who their friend or good neighbor is and RMBC has free spies it doesn’t need to pay so there is more in the coffers for highly paid ‘expert advice ‘ that doesn’t work.
    The guilty should be punished so they never want to chuck a chip paper down ever again.
    The question is; can cleaning up the streets and countryside be achieved and transform them back into something beautiful. Yes it can. A brief look at what happens in Singapore to litter bugs and the easy solution to bring about change (and it’s not a slap on the wrist). Singapore used to look like Eastwood on a bad day… Litterbugs pay hundreds for 1st offense and thousands thereafter. …A real quick and cheap fix and let Streetpride volunteers get on with better goals and enjoyment of life.
    The worst possible solution is to pick up other peoples trash…. That’s called ‘enabling’.


    • Singapore also makes the offenders sweep the streets wearing a fluorescent jacket with the words “Litter Lout” or similar across the back. That’s what we should do.


      • I don’t know if that is correct, I haven’t seen or heard of it from family who live there.. One thing is for sure though, if they don’t like the jacket they don’t need to wear it ever again. Just use the recepticle provided to every home for rubbish.


  10. Folks, I get the feeling the pollution over the next 10 years will increase from ankle deep to knee high. The legislators who have the power to bring change have confused tolerance with apathy and will continue to hold another thousand committees (at tax payers expense) to try to convince residents of the South Yorkshire that they are , in fact, ‘doing something’.


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